A Guide To Traffic Signs In India And Their Meanings 2022

Traffic Signs In India For Driving Test

Do you want to learn about Indian traffic signs and their meanings? Congrats, you bumped into the very right place!

Traffic signs or traffic symbols are the most important parts of road transportation not only in just India but all over the world.

I am working in RTO for the last 5 years, and I know how people fail to recognize the basic road safety signs and even road markings. and as a result, they have to face the circumstances and pay huge fines.

If you don’t want this to happen to you, you should have basic knowledge about traffic symbols.


Knowing these symbols can help you in two ways.

first, if you are trying to get a driving license, they will help you to pass your learning license test.

And secondly, when you will know the rules and regulations properly, no traffic police can enforce any fine on you.

Trust me, read this complete article, and save yourself from being fined on the roads.

Don’t worry! I am going to show your every Indian traffic sign and their meanings too.

Indian Traffic Signs Explanation

Before I tell you about the features of Indian road safety signs, allow me to explain what are they, and why they even exist on the roads.

What is a Traffic Sign?

A traffic sign is a board that contains a number, a word, or a special graphic that indicates a rule, a piece of information, a danger, or guidance to the vehicle driver on the road. These symbols help the drivers to know what rules they should be following on the respective road.

The traffic symbols can be found on various streets, roads, and highways helping the drivers by displaying the road conditions, speed limits, directions, any threats, etc.

These road safety signs are not only just for drivers, but they also help cyclists, joggers, and even pedestrians.

I am sure you must have seen the following type of road signs in India.

  • Turn Right
  • Turn Left
  • Go Straight
  • No Entry
  • Fuel Pump
  • Hospital
  • Speed Limit 50
  • Speed Limit 80
  • Resting Place
  • Men At Work
  • And Many…

So these are known as Traffic Signs Or Road Safety Signs.


Why Traffic Signs Are Important For You?

Traffic signs or symbols are important for anyone because they showcase the very crucial piece of information that is necessarily needed by the driver.

Some signs are so important that they save the lives of many people every day.

Let me explain it with an example!

Let’s imagine, a man is driving his bike at the speed of 50 KM/h without knowing that a few meters ahead a massive loco train (MAALGAADI) is going to pass at a ridiculously wild speed. The bike rider doesn’t have a small idea that the train is running ahead on the tracks.

Now you tell me, what would happen next?

The answer is horrifying! I know that.

Now, imagine again. The same man is riding his bike at the same speed. But now he sees a road safety sign on the side of the road signaling him RAILWAY CROSSING.

By this, he will undoubtedly drop down the speed and stop his vehicle till the train passes.

I know I told you a very extreme example, but I feel it will convey the importance of the road safety signs to you.

The traffic signs exist only for our safety! They are for telling people where is a Fuel Pump, Where is a hospital nearby, where is a restaurant nearby, where to move to their destinations, etc.

I hope, you understood it very well.

Now, allow me to tell you about the types of traffic signs in India.

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Types Of Traffic Signs In India

There are three types of traffic signs that have been enforced in India.

  • Cautionary Traffic Signs
  • Mandatory Traffic Signs
  • Informatory Traffic Signs

These three traffic signs work differently for the drivers as well as pedestrians on the roads, and streets.


Let me tell you more about them.

Traffic Signs and Their Meanings

1. Cautionary Traffic Signs In India

Cautionary Signs are shown to warn motor drivers and a pedestrian about the dangers and threats of the roads, and highways. If you ever see any of these road signs, you should drive more carefully and monitor your speed as well.

Cautionary road safety signs in India are shown with a bright red triangular shape with an informational graphic inside.

Cautionary Traffic Symbols

Cautionary Traffic Signs and Meanings

Narrow RoadThe road is going to be narrow ahead, drive slowly.
Steep DescentThere is a Steep Upward Slope ahead.
Falling RocksThere are high chances of falling rocks from the hills/mountains ahead.
Slippery RoadThe road condition is slippery ahead.
Pedestrian CrossingSlow down your vehicle, there might be pedestrians walking ahead.
Narrow BridgeDrive carefully, there is a narrow bridge ahead.
RoundaboutThere is a roundabout ahead, maintain your speed slow.
Road HumpCheck your speed, there is a Speed Breaker on the road ahead.
Y-Junction Right/LeftSlow your vehicle, there is a right or left Intersection with a straight road ahead.
Uneven RoadThe road ahead is nly suitable for driving, drive cautiously.
CattleThere might be animals sitting on the roads.
Cross RoadsDrive carefully, a cross road ahead.
Side Road JunctionsA Left/Right Side Road Junctions ahead on the road.
CyclistsSlow down, there is a path for cyclists only.
Unguarded CrossingSlow Down Or Stop your vehicle, there is a railway crossing without any safeguarded facility ahead.
RoadWorksDrive carefully, there might be men working on the road ahead.
T-JunctionYou are on a T-shaped road, a hazard can happen, drive slowly.
Pedestraians CrossingSlow down your motor vehicle, there is a path for pedestrians only.
Traffic SignalsReduce your speed, there are Traffic Signals ahead.
Loose GravelThere is a possibility of the Loose Road or Gravel Falling ahead, drive safely.
Unprotected QuayKeep your eyes on the road, it is leading to a quay or river bank.
Staggered Side Road JunctionThere are two roads staggered to your road, be careful.
A DipCheck your road, there might be a small/big DIP ahead.
Left/Right CurveControl your vehicle, there is a left or right curve on the road ahead.
SchoolReduce the speed, there is a schools ahead.
Guarded Crossing AheadThere is a guarded railway crossing ahead on the road, slow down and stop.

Is it a violation of any law to ignore a Cautionary Sign?

Ignoring the cautionary or exclamatory traffic signs is not a violation or a crime. A traffic police cannot fine you for overlooking these signs.

But, you have to understand that, these traffic signs are extremely helpful for motor drivers and pedestrians. they are to save you from any hazard.

So whenever you see these traffic signs, you should be more aware and pay more attention to the roads. Ignoring these road signs may lead you to serious troubles.



2. Mandatory Traffic Signs In India

The Mandatory Traffic Signs are also called Regulatory Traffic Signs. As you can see, their name is defining them. These are the road symbols that are compulsory to be followed by all drivers.

If you avoid these signs while driving, you allow yourself to spoil the traffic lanes. As a result, a destructive accident can happen on the road. plus it can put the lives of all the drivers in the vicinity at risk.

The mandatory traffic signs are generally depicted with the Bright Red Circle with a Black Graphic inside on the white background.


Mandatory Traffic Signs and Meanings

One WayDrive only and only one direction, this is one-way.
No Vehicles in Both DirectionsDon’t drive in both directions, no entry from both ways.
No OvertakingDo not overtake any vehicle on the road ahead.
Axel Weight LimitDo not exceed the particular axel limit of your vehicle on this road.
No ParkingDo not park your vehicle.
No Entry For CyclesDo not enter your cycles on the road ahead.
Speed Limit (50,60,70,80,etc.)Do not exceed the Vehicle Speed Limit.
Length LimitDo not exceed the Vehicle Length Limit.
No EntryDo not enter on this road, there is no entry.
Horns ProhibitedHonking horns are prohibited on this road.
No Entry For Motor VehiclesDo not enter any motor vehicle on this road.
No Entry For Bullock CartsThe Bullock Carts are not allowed on this road.
Stopping ProhibitedDo not stop your vehicle anywhere on the road.
Left/Right Turn ProhibitedTurning Left or Right is prohibited on this road.
Handcarts ProhibitedDo not enter your handcarts on this road.
Height LimitDo not exceed the Vehicle Height Limit.
No Entry For Goods VehicleGoods Vehicles are not allowed on this road.
Give WayGive Way to the other vehicles.
Weight LimitDo not exceed the Vehicle Weight Limit.
StopStop Your Vehicle.
Restrictions EndFrom here all the road restrictions end.
Turn Right/Left AheadGo ahead and turn left or right compulsory.
Keep LeftKeep your vehicle on the left side of the road.
Cycle TrackThis path is only for cyclists.
Straight AheadGo straight only.

Also, you may have seen some other traffic signs on the road that are shown with a Blue Circle and a small white graphic inside them. These signs also fall in the mandatory traffic signs category.

Is it a violation of the law to ignore a Regulatory Sign?

Yes, If you do not follow these road symbols, you are pushing yourself into big legal trouble. Traffic police can easily impose a heavy challan on you for breaking the law. And you can also be jailed for this.

It is decided based on MV Rules which kind of punishment you would get for violating the law.

So PLEASE, DO NOT TRY to disobey any rule, and DRIVE SAFELY.


3. Informatory Traffic Signs In India

The informatory traffic signs are to notify the drivers about the essential things and places that they may require at any moment. These traffic signs also help pedestrians, cyclists, and even joggers or runners.

You may have seen the DIRECTIONS Slates or HOSPITAL Signs on the roads. These are called Informatory Signs.

The Informational traffic signs are generally depicted with a Blue Background and Small Black Graphics on them. (Red for the First Aid)


Inforfamtory Traffic Signs and Meanings

First AidThere is a First Aid Facility Nearby.
TelephoneThere is a Telephone Facility Nearby.
ParkingThere is a Parking Spot Nearby
Bur StopThere is Bus Stop Nearby.
Resting Place/HotelsThere is Hotel or Motels Nearby.
RefreshmentsThere are light refreshment options nearby.
FuelThere is Fuel Station/Petrol Pump Nearby.
RestaurantsThere are some restaurants nearby.


Colors And Shapes Of The Road Signs In India

You might have seen many road signs on the side of the roads, but have you noticed their color and shape?

Why they are colored and shaped differently from each other? What does it mean?

Let’s see.


Shapes Of Road Traffic Symbols

All the traffic symbols in India are divided into 4 shapes.

  1. Triangular
  2. Circular
  3. Rectangular
  4. Octagonal

Triangular Traffic Signs Boards

Triangular Traffic Signs generally fall into the cautionary category. Except for 1 triangular-shaped sign that is “GIVE WAY”. because this sign is depicted with the reverse triangle and belongs to the mandatory signs.

Circular Traffic Sign Boards

Circular signs generally belong to the mandatory or regulatory traffic signs category. This means all drivers must follow these signs.

Rectangular Traffic Sign Boards

Rectangular boards typically belong to the informational traffic signs category. as said earlier these signs provide necessary help to the driver.

You will find a petrol pump, hospital, hotel, food, or directions on these rectangular boards.

Octagonal Traffic Signs In India

Octagonal-shaped traffic boards hardly exist in India. Except one, which is the “STOP” sign.

The STOP sign is mostly depicted with an octagonal shape board with a Red Background. This sign falls into the regulatory traffic signs category.

So whenever you will see this sign, you have to follow it.

Colors Of Road Traffic Symbols In India

Similarly, there are four colors, that are associated with all the traffic symbols in India. Such As:

  1. Red
  2. Green
  3. Yellow
  4. Blue

Red Road Signs In India

The Red traffic signs mostly belong to the Regulatory/Mandatory traffic signs as well as the Cautionary Traffic Signs.

These signs are displayed to aware you of the road conditions and the possible dangers ahead. and they are also used to show the regulatory rules that you need need to follow as a motor driver or a pedestrian.

Green Road Sign Boards

The green traffic symbols are mostly shown to help us to reach our destination. you can see them understand the directions or the remaining distance towards your destination.

The green traffic signs generally fall into the Informatory Traffic Signs In India. These signs are very helpful for us as drivers.

Yellow Traffic Sign Boards

The yellow road signs are usually can be seen during the construction works on the roads and highways. These signs are to inform us about the road conditions so that we can slow down the vehicle.

These signs sometimes fall into both informatory and regulatory categories.

Blue Road Signs In India

The Blue Road Signs are the informatory signs as well as the mandatory signs. as stated earlier, the informatory symbols exist just to inform you about the necessary things that can be helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is responsible for road safety signs?

The answer is very obvious! THE GOVERNMENT OF INDIA. Under The Ministry of Road Transport And Highways, these road safety signs are applicable in India.

If you do not obey these signs, you may attract huge fines against yourself.

What is the meaning of the FALLING ROCKS traffic sign?

Rocks fall on the road during landslides in extreme climates on mountainous paths. This sign indicates that there is a danger of falling such rocks on the road ahead and the driver should drive carefully to avoid accidents.

How Many Road Safety Signs Are There In India?

There is no fixed number. But the number of most common and important road safety signs is 50-60.



All the traffic symbols are very crucial for road transport and highways. If you are looking to pass your learning license test, please learn more about them.

Also, you should encourage your friends, and family members to obey the traffic symbols.

In this article, I tried to tell you everything I know about road safety signs. We talked about the shapes, colors, types, functions, and other rules and regulations related to traffic symbols.

If you still feel that I should have added some more categories of information regarding this topic, feel free to comment your thoughts and suggest me some new queries.

I would love to include that also in this article.

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