Renewal Of Drivers License Online | Drivers License Renewal 2021

Renewal Of Drivers License Online | Is your driving license expired recently? Or is it about to expire in a few days?

If so, then you must renew your driver’s license as soon as possible. We will suggest you do not visit your Regional Transport Office (RTO) for this task.

Because it will cost you huge, undoubtedly, if you hire any RTO agent to get this work done.

So, do you want to know the easy way to get your DL renewed? and that too without even hiring any RTO agents?

Stay tuned to this article.

So Folks! Welcome to the Apply Online For Driving License website. In this article, we will be showing you the step-by-step process of how to renew a driver’s license online in 2021.

Renewal Of Drivers License Online Process

But before you go further, you need to understand one thing…

What is the Renewal of Driving License?

When someone acquires a new driving license for any kind of vehicle, it comes with an expiry date. So basically the renewal of your driving license means that you want to EXTEND the expiry date of your driving license for a few years more.

Every driving license has its end limit. The time span of a driving license lasts for several years.

But obviously, it will come to its end. and when the expiry date is over, your driving license will not be of any use, unless you get it renewed.

By the way, you can see your expiry date on your driving license card itself.

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Now if you are having any trouble renewing your DL in India, then please be unworried. Because here we are going to talk about the extremely easy method of renewal of driver’s license online.

Renew your DL on your own without anyone’s help.

If you have any kind of device like a laptop, or a computer, or even a phone, you can renew your driving license online.

You will not need to go to any cyber cafe nor any so-called RTO agent for this small work.

So are you ready? here we go…

Stages For Renew Your Drivers License Online

renewal of drivers license online
Renewal Of Drivers License Online

There are a total of THREE stages to applying for the renewal of drivers license online.

  1. Application For The Renewal
  2. Upload The Documents For Renewal
  3. Fee Payment For The Renewal

We will be showing you the very first step in this article. You will just need to fill and submit an online application for driving license renewal.

Well, If you do not have enough time to read this full article, just go through these quick steps. these steps will save you valuable time.

Quick Steps For Renewal Of Drivers License Online

Step #1: Visit the Sarathi’s website, and select the State and the City.

Step #2: From the center of the website, click on the DL Services icon.

Step #3: After reading the instructions, click on the Continue Button.

Step #4: Now enter your Driving License Number and the Date Of Birth in the respective boxes, and click on the Get DL Details button.

Step #5: Now confirm your Personal Information as well as your Vehicle’s Information.

Step #6: Now select the confirmation button as YES, and choose your State as well as the RTO. and click on the Proceed button.

Step #7: Again confirm your details and provide your mobile number in the box.

Step #8: Now fill all the mandatory fields and click on the Confirm button.

Step #9: Now select the Renewal Of DL option, and click on the Proceed button

Step #10: After this, if you want, you can update your address details. and now click on the small checkboxes. do not forget to provide your Emergency Mobile Number.

Step #11: Finally, click on the Submit button and take a printout of the acknowledgment of renewal of driving license online.

Now if you want to learn this process in a full detailed guide, read this full article from here. do not skip even a single step.

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How To Renew Drivers License Online

#1. Open Any Browser And Visit Parivahan’s Website

In your phone or laptop, open any of your favorite browsers and simply type in the URL box ‘Parivahan Sewa’ (or

google search for parivahan sewa portal for renewal of drivers license online
Searching For Parivahan For License Renewal Online

This is the official government portal for all the driving license and learning license-related works.

This website is managed by the Ministry Of Road Transport And Highways. and it is powered by the Government Of India.

So simply open the site. See, for your convenience, we provided the direct link of the website here:

#2. The Driving License Related Services Section

When you open the Parivahan Sewa’s site, you will some sections. the very first section is where you need to concentrate.

This section named License Related Services has four Tabs. like Drivers/License, Driving School, Online Test/ Appointment, And Other Services.

All of these four options take you to the SARATHI Sewa.

license related services for driving license renewal online process
Clicking On The Drivers/Learners License Option For DL Renewal

Don’t get confused and just click on the first TAB. So that you can visit the

#3. Redirection To The For Driver License Renewal

Once you will click on it, the website will redirect you to the SARATHI SEWA website. this is the website where you can renew your driving license online.

Click Here To Visit The Portal: Sarathi

#4. Select Your STATE for Driving License Renewal Online

Now to renew your drivers licence online, you must give your proper details. firstly select your state from the STATE option. see the below image.

choosing your state for renewal of driving license online on sarathi parivahan sewa
Selecting The State On Sarathi For Driving License Renewal

For Example: If you belong to Pune, Mumbai, Nagpur, Nashik, Solapur, Kolhapur, Thane, Or Lonavla, then obviously you will choose Maharashtra.

The same goes for the other states.

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#5. Select Your CITY for Driving License Renewal Online

After that, a new page may be opened and it may ask you to select your city and the RTO. so you have to select the city in which you have Applied For Driving License Online.

But now, the website is updated, it will not ask you to select your CITY.

Just for an example, I am going to choose PUNE here.

Note: In some states, you do not need to choose the City and the RTO. you will automatically be processed further.

#6. Homepage Of Sarathi

Now the main homepage of Sarathi’s website will be opened. In the center of this page, you can see there is a Blue Horizontal Menu containing a list of various services.

From that menu, simply click on the Driving License Option. now the menu will show all the related works to applying for a driving license. so click on the Services On DL option.

If you found this a little confusing, try this another way – you can see various icons on the very homepage of the website. From those buttons, simply click on the DL Services button.

choosing DL services option for renewal of driving licence online on sarathi
Click On The DL Services Option On Sarathi For DL Renewal

#7. Read The Instructions if you want otherwise click on CONTINUE

Now, this new page will appear on your screen.

reading instructions for how to renew a driving license in India
The Instructions For Renewal Of Driving Licence On Sarathi

This page contains the basic instructions for all the driving license services that Sarathi’s website provides you.

Instructions such as:

  • Fill Applicant/Request Details: Submitting The Online Application.
  • Upload Documents: If it is required.
  • Upload Photo And Signatures: If it is required. it is applicable only in some states.
  • Payment Of Fee: The Official RTO Charges.
  • Driving License Test Slot Booking: It is required only for Additional Endorsement For Driving License (AEDL)

Note: The above instructions are the same for almost all the services that you want to request. It includes the renewal of a driving license also.

Now scroll down a little, you can see there is a list of all the services that you can apply for on

there is a total of 18 services. Have a look…

All The 18 Services For Driving License
  1. Renewal Of Driving License
  2. Issue Of Duplicate License
  3. Additional Endorsement To Driving License (AEDL)
  4. Issue Of A PSV Badge To A Driver
  5. Change Of Address In The Driving License
  6. Replacement Of The Driving License
  7. Change Of Biometric In The Driving License
  8. Change Of Name In The Driving License
  9. Endorsement To Drive In A Hill Region
  10. Issue Of NOC (No Objection Certificate)
  11. Cancellation Of NOC ( No Objection Certificate)
  12. Driving License Extract
  13. Endorsement To Drive Hazardous Material
  14. Issue Of International Driving Permit
  15. Surrender Of COV(s) and PSV Badge(s)
  16. Change Of Date Of Birth In The Driving License
  17. Additional Endorsement To Driving License For Defence DL Holder
  18. Class Of Vehicle Conversions
all the 18 services that provides including dl renewal
The Eighteen Services That Sarathi Provides Including Driving Licence Renewal

Note: You can surely select multiple services at a time.

For example: If your driving license has expired, and at the same time you come to know that your license has been lost also.

So in this situation, you have to apply online for two services on

The first one will be– Renewal Of Driving License

The second one will be– Duplicate Of Driving License

I hope you are getting all the points. So for now you just need to click on the CONTINUE button.

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#8. Enter Your DL Number And Date Of Birth

After you click on the continue button, you will see this page.

Here, you need to do nothing but enter your proper Driving License Number and your Date Of Birth in the respective boxes.

after this, simply click on the GET DL DETAILS button.

entering driving license details for applying for driving license renewal online
Enter Driving License Number And Date Of Birth For Renewal Of DL

Note: If you are having any trouble getting your driving license details, then check the DL number that you are entering in the box. check if it is correctly entered or not.

Also, do check your date of birth.

#9. Confirm All The Application Details

Now, as soon as you click on the Get DL Details button, you will see the complete details of your application on the screen.

Your Name, Address, Date of Birth, Your Photo with Signature, Your State, and Your RTO. Plus, you can see your Class Of Vehicles and your license’s validity period. Check if it is expired or not.

applicant's details on sarathi parivahan sewa for renewal of drivers license online
Driving License Applicant’s Details For Driving Licence Renewal Process

Now, simply scroll down the page a little. you will see a small section over here. You just need to confirm that all the details that you have seen above on the page are completely yours.

SO, simply select the YES option.

#10. Select the Correct Option and click on the Proceed Button

Now you will select your STATE and the RTO to which you and your vehicle belong.

applicant's details on sarathi parivahan sewa for renewal of drivers license online
Driving License Applicant’s Details For Renewal Process

Plus enter your proper Pin Code.

Now click on the PROCEED button.

#11. Provide Your Mobile Number, Blood Group, And Qualification

Now you will see the below page on your screen. simply recheck all the details of the driving license again.

applicant's details for renewal of drivers license online
Confirm Applicant’s Details For Renewal Of Driving Licence

After that scroll down the page. you can see there is a section named Mobile Number Updation.

simply enter your correct mobile number in the box, or you can also update your existing mobile number here.

Now again, scroll down a little and select your Blood Group. if you don’t know your blood group then you can select the ‘Unknown’ option from the box.

selecting blood group for the application of driving license renewal online
Select Blood Group For Driver License Renewal

Now select your Qualification. If you are not comfortable providing any of your qualifications, then let it be on the Not ‘Specified/NA’ option.

After selecting all the options correctly, simply click on the CONFIRM button.

#12. Tick The Renewal Of DL option And Click On The Proceed button

Now as soon as you click on the confirm button, this page will appear.

Actually, this is the page where you have to select the correct services that you want to request.

selecting the renewal of driving license option in
The RENEWAL OF DL Option On Sarathi

See the above image, there is a total of 18 services.

Here, you definitely want to renew your driving license, don’t you? So, you will tick the RENEWAL OF DL option here.

By the way, if your driving license is expired already, then this website will automatically select the Renewal option for you. It is By Default…

Reminder Note: If you want, you can also select more than one service at a time.

So now, after selecting the proper services, simply click on the PROCEED button.

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#14. Update Your Address

After this, you will see a new page. On the right side of this page, you will see your address details. so, you need to update your address here.

entering the address details in online driving license renewal application form
Updating Address For Driving Licence Renewal Process

Carefully fill all the mandatory fields in the address details, and click on the UPDATE button.

#15. Provide Emergency Mobile Number And Click On Submit Button

Now, look at the left side of the page, you can see there is a small section over there. here you need to Check those small boxes.

agreeing to the terms and conditions and solving the captcha for driving licence renewal online

After you tick the second checkbox, an Emergency Mobile Number’s box will appear. simply enter your proper mobile number carefully.

providing a mobile number for the driving licence renewal online
Enter The Captcha Code For DL Renewal

Now fill the CAPTCHA and click on the Submit button.

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#16. Application For Driving License Renewal is Successfully Submitted !!

Now see the below image. if this below image is appearing on your screen, I really want to congratulate you.


You really deserve a big round of applause !!!

Now this page is the acknowledgment of the renewal of driver’s license online. take a printout of this document or you can save it in a PDF format.

the acknowledgement of renewal of driving license online in India
The Acknowledgement Slip For Driver License Renew Online

Wait…! Are you thinking that you have completed the full process of license renewal online?

No, you haven’t yet. Because this is the only first step that you completed online for the driving license renewal process.

There are 2 more steps to go.

Note: LL/DL Slot Booking For Driving Licence Renewal is currently not available.

the completed process of driving license renewal online
The Completed Steps For Driver Licence Renewal

But do not worry at all. These steps are also very easy to do. Just follow the instructions carefully and you are surely going to make it.

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FAQ Section For Renewal Of Driving License

  1. What If I Don’t Have Any Medical Certificate For Licence Renewal?

    Unfortunately, you cannot apply for DL renewal in India. The Medical Certificate is a mandatory thing for the process.

    If you currently do not possess any Medical Certificate, you have to wait until you do it. THAT’S THE THING!

  2. Do I Need To Book An Appointment To Renew Drivers License Online?

    Currently, I would say NO! yes it was a mandatory thing to do. but Sarathi Parivahan Sewa has disabled the appointment process for renewal due to covid restrictions.

  3. What Charge Does An RTO Agent Ask For Renewal Of License Process?

    They can ask for anything they want. In some RTOs they are charging 1500 to 200 rupees to doing the renewal. on the other hand, in RTOs like Pune RTO, they are charging 1100 to 1200 for the same.


In this article, I shared a method of how to renew a driver’s license online. I showed you how to fill and submit the driving license renewal form online.

I am sure you will agree with me on this that this first stage of the renewal of driver’s license online in India is like child’s play, isn’t it?

There is a total of 18 SERVICES Sarathi’s website provides you. and the renewal process is one of them.

We discussed the step-by-step process for the first stage of license renewal.

So now, we hope you found this article helpful and informative. If so then please share this article with your loved ones, your friends, and your colleagues.

You believe in Sharing Is Caring…! Right…?

Apart from that, I want you to share your thoughts about this article in the comments section below. I am sure that there must have been a lot of questions and doubts in your mind earlier on this topic.

But I hope that now your all queries must have been solved by reading this article. If there are a few, still, then do not hesitate to comment below. or you can contact us.

I would love to reply to you.



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