Driving License Fees | Cost Of Driving License In India 2022

Driving License Fees Online | Hello Folks! Nowadays, In India, Almost every citizen owns at least one vehicle. no matter how old that vehicle is or how many features it provides. Two Wheeler, Three Wheelers, And Ofcourse Four Wheelers.

Don’t you agree with this?

You may also have some kind of vehicle.

But, according to the RTO (Regional Transport Office) rules, you must have to obtain a proper driving license to legally drive any of your vehicles on the roads of India.

So, if someone wants to hold a driving license, generally he visits his area’s RTO and looks for an agent to get a new driving license.

But guess what! The RTO’s dirty looting games never end.

Friends, when anyone goes to the RTO to get this small work done, you will be shocked to know that everybody is always been looted by those so-called agents.

whether you want to get a learning license, or a permanent license, or renewal of a license, and duplicate license, the agents try to grab a lot of bucks from you.

There are many such RTO agents, who hesitate to expose the real fees of the RTO for that particular service, but they cheat you and also ask for double or triple fees than the actual one.

Now, it’s not like we are saying that all RTO agents are greedy robbers alike. There are also many of them who will really help you to get what you want.

But we are just saying that the number of greedy agents is a bit high in the RTO. So, we just want you to be a little careful.

Because this always happens in all the RTOs across India. And, You will always be cheated like this until you will do something about it.

So what is the solution for it?

Welcome to apply online for the driving license website. Today we are going to show you how to pay the driving license cost online in a step-by-step manner.

The solution is in front of your eyes. Yes! THIS ARTICLE.

You don’t need to go anywhere now. Just read this article and follow all the steps carefully. because you will get all the knowledge of the real cost of a driving license, and how to pay it online.

Well, these must be the 2 main questions that are wandering in your mind, right?

So stay with us and know the answers.


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Driving License Fees | Cost Of Driving License in India 2021

Stages For Obtaining A New Driving License In India

Before you move further, you need to know that there is a total of 3 stages of applying for the driving license online.

Apply Online For Driving License

1. Filling The Driving License Online Application

2. Pay The Driving License Fees Online

3. Driving License Slot Booking Online

This article is dedicated to the second stage.

The second one is the stage that we will be showing you in this article that is paying the driving test cost online.

But before paying the fees you need to apply online for driving license. It is an extremely simple and easy process.

See This: How To Apply Online  For Driving License 

So please complete this procedure first.

So after you complete the payment process online for your driving license. you will book an appointment for the driving license test.

See This: How To Do Driving License Slot Booking Online.

This process is also extremely simple, and easy. anyone can do this very conveniently.

Now, it is noticeable that there are 2 different ways to pay the fees for driving license online.

But do not worry, both are extremely easy. we are going to show you both ways.

Here is the first method.

This Infographic Will Also Help You

pay driving license fees in india
Pay the driving license fees in India

How To Pay Online Driving License Fees?

#1. Open Parivahan’s Website

First of all, open your favorite browser and simply type ‘Parivahan’ (or parivahan.gov.in) in the browser’s search box.

driving license fees parivahan

It is the official portal website for all the vehicles and driving license and learning license works.

This website is for the Ministry Of Road Transport And Highways, powered by the Government Of India.

So access the site.

See, for your convenience, we provided the direct link of the website here: Parivahan

#2. Click On DL Related Services

After opening the site, on the main Homepage, you can see that there are two options:

First One: Vehicle Registration Related Services

Second One:  Driving License Related Services

driving license fees licence related services

Now you know where you need to click, don’t you?

Obviously, you will click on the second option that is Driving License Related Services.

See the image above for reference.

#3. Sarathi’s Website Redirection

After clicking on the second option, Parivahan’s site will redirect you to the official Sarathi’s website (sarathi.parivahan.gov.in). The below image is the proof.

Or you can directly visit the Sarathi’s site from here: Sarathi

#4. Choose Your State

Now you will carefully choose your STATE. You will choose that state in which you are currently living or want to drive vehicles primarily.

driving license fees choosing your state

For Example: If you are residing in Pune, Mumbai, Nagpur, Nashik, Solapur, Kolhapur, Thane, Or Lonavla, then obviously you will simply choose Maharashtra.

Same with the other states.

#5. Choose Your City

After selecting the State, a new page will be opened and it will ask you to select you hometown.

so you have to select your town in which you have Applied For Driving License Online. so simply select the city.

just for a sake of example, we will choose PUNE here.

#6. Click On Application Status

Now the main homepage of Sarathi’s website will appear. On this page, you can see there is the Horizontal Blue-colored Menu containing a list of various services.

driving licence fees application status

See at the very right at on the Menu, there is a tab named Application Status. Simply click on it.

Also, you can see on the center of the website, there are so many buttons or icons. from those, click on the Application Status button.

#7. Enter Your Application Number And Date Of Birth

After clicking on the Application Status option, this window will be opened. Now simply fill in your Application Number in the box.

Driving License Fees In India

Note: The Application Number has been sent to your(RMN) registered mobile number at the time when you submitted your online application form for your driving license. so recheck your SMS if you can’t find your application number.

If you haven’t filled your online form for a driving license yet, then you must do it first.

Click here to know how to do it: Apply Online For Driving License

So, After entering your application number, fill your Date Of Birth. And then, solve the CAPTCHA correctly.

And then click on SUBMIT Button.

See the above image for reference.

These are also helpful:

#8. Your Application Status Page

Now you will see your Application Status page on your screen. You will get to know everything about your application here.

Driving License Fees In India

How much procedure is left and, how much procedure has been done? you can see literally everything here on this page.

Now, see there is a small section containing several steps in order to get the driving license. there are 3 stages as we talked about in above section.




driving license fees application status

We are reminding you again that before completing the payment process you need to complete the first step.

If you haven’t yet, you need to apply online for a driving license. and then you can book an appointment for the driving license test.

So now, select the third option and click on the Proceed Button.

#9. See Your Driver’s License Fees

Now, after clicking on the proceed button, a new page will be opened on your screen. here you will get to know about that exact and fair amount for the driving license test.

see your legit driving license fees
Driving License Fees In India

Now you can see there is a section on the page. you need to enter your application number and your date of birth in the respective boxes.

Note: sometimes the boxes will already be filled by default.

So simply enter it and click on the Calculate Fee button.

#10. Confirm The Transaction

Now you will see, the fees table will be filled, and you will see the exact and fair amount for the driving license test.

see your legit driving license fees

Note: The fees for the LL test and the DL test may vary in some states. Plus it also depends on the vehicle that you want to occupy a driving license for.

Fees for the driving license of a four-wheeler, three-wheeler, and the two-wheeler can be totally different from one another.

So now, confirm all the transaction details.

#11. Click On The Pay Now Button

Now Scroll down a little and you will see the Payment Options section on the page. there is a small box named “Bank/Gateway/Treasury”.

pay now the driving license fees online

So Click on that box and select the SBIepay option.

Now simply fill the Captcha carefully and Click on the PAY NOW button.

#12. Click On Proceed To Payment Button

As soon as you click on it, you will see, this new page will appear on your screen.

proceed to pay the cost of driving license

See your Transaction ID or Token ID. and if you want, you can read the Terms And Conditions of Sarathi’s website.

Now click on the “I agree to the Terms And Conditions” Checkbox, and then click on the PROCEED TO PAYMENT button.

#13. Redirect To Payment Bank Gateway

After clicking the Proceed To Payment button this page will be opened. Now you need to be a little careful as the payment process will be started.

Make sure you are not pressing the BACK BUTTON or not refreshing the page. otherwise, your payment won’t happen.

So be patient…

Driving License Fees In India

The website will redirect you to the PAYMENT BANK GATEWAY.

See the above image.

#14. Process The Payment Carefully

In a few seconds, you will be redirected to the payment gateway. now simply choose your payment method. You can pay by the CREDIT CARD, DEBIT CARD, or even the UPI.

Important About Driving License Fees:

You must keep this in mind that once the payment process started, you should not REFRESH the page or should not press the BACK BUTTON in any circumstances. otherwise, your money may be stuck.

You can cancel the payment process by pressing the CANCEL button, but that is only when you do not wish to continue the process at the moment.

After the payment, you will see this page on your screen. your Transaction ID and the payment amount will be there.

#15. Payment Successful !!!

You know what…? Done…!!! The payment has been done. after the payment, the below page will appear on the screen.

cost of driving license payment successful

Now simply click on the PRINT RECEIPT button. and take the print out of the payment receipt.

If you do not have any printer with you, you can save it as a PDF and then print this later.

So this was a simple and extremely easy process for the Driving License Cost Online.

Now it is noticeable that there is one more method for the online payment for a driving license. and this method is also very easy.

Let us just talk about another method for paying the driving test cost online.

Second Method Of Paying Driving License Fees Online

Step #1: Firstly go to the Official Sarathi’s Site.

Step #2: Now select the STATE. and then simply select the RTO, City.

Step #3: Now from the menu at the left sidebar, Select the Fee/Payment option. See the image for the reference.

Step #4: After that, you will see this page on your screen. if you want, you can read the instructions. otherwise, simply click on the Proceed button.

instructions for paying the cost of driving licence

The further process is the same as we have mentioned above in the first method. Follow from Step Number 9 in the first method.

This process the second stage in order to apply online for driving license. the third process is booking the appointment for the driving license test.

See Here: Driving License Slot Booking

It is compulsory to complete all three stages of the driving license online application.


driving license fees

So in this article, we have shown you how to pay the cost of driving license in India.

So if you are from Mumbai, Pune, Satara, Kolhapur, Thane, Or anywhere in Maharashtra, you can apply online for a driving license and even pay the driving test cost online by following the above method.

Now it doesn’t mean that you cannot follow this method if you are not from Maharashtra.

Of course, you can do it. Yes, surely, there will be a few differences in the methods. but you will understand it by following this method in the article.

So we hope this article will help you to pay your driving test cost online.

If so, then please share this article with your friends, colleagues, and your family members.

You never know, by sharing this article, you might be helping somebody.

And apart from that, if you are having any trouble paying the online Driving License Fees In Maharashtra, feel free to comment down in the comments section below.

Or you can contact us if you have any queries, complaints, or suggestions.

We would love to reply to you.


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“How To Pay Online Driving License Fees In Maharashtra 2020”

9 thoughts on “Driving License Fees | Cost Of Driving License In India 2022”

  1. Please find charges asked by portal from me. MH12 RTO Pune.
    New license charges – 200
    Driving test – MCWG – 300
    Driving Test – LMV – 300
    FORM-7 fee – 112.99
    SER/USEr charge – 103.01
    e-sign charge – 0 ( I think it is collected in LL applicaton so not being asked)
    postal charges – 50

    for renewal after expiry and grace period.
    Driving test – MCWG – 300
    Driving Test – LMV – 300 (test fee) + 100 (Fine) = 400
    FORM-7 fee – 112.99
    SER/USEr charge – 103.01
    postal charges – 50

    If address is also changed along with renewal then 200 extra


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