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LL Slot Booking Online

Learning Licence Slot Booking | Welcome Friends, today we are going to show you how to book slots online for the learning license test.

Are you having trouble booking an appointment online for a learner’s license test?

If yes, then stick to this full article. and at the end of the article, I promise, you will comment down thanking us for providing this article to you.

Because in this article, we will be showing you the fourth and final stage to apply for LL.

After completing this stage, you will get your learning license in your hand at your appointment date for the learning license test in the RTO.

So stay with us.

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Secure Method Of Learning Licence Slot Booking Online 2021

Nowadays, on the roads of India, especially in Maharashtra, vehicles are more visible than humans. we are sure that you will agree with us on this.

Because everyone wants to buy a personal vehicle.

Someone has a two-wheeler, and someone has a four-wheeler, and even people have three-wheelers also.

You, too, must be in a hurry to buy a new vehicle, aren’t you?
But before buying a vehicle, you have to ask yourself that, are you really able to drive that particular vehicle properly or not?

And if you cannot drive the vehicle properly, you must have to learn to drive that vehicle first.
And to learn to drive any vehicle, you need to get a LL (learning license).
so you have to Apply For Learning License Online first.

Once you fill up the online application for the learning license, you need to upload all the required documents for the learning license online.
This is also a very easy step.
After that, the third step is just to pay the fees for the learning license. it is also a very easy method.
And finally, you just have to book an appointment for a learning license to visit the Regional Transport Office for an LL Test.
But is it Compulsory?
Yes, it is compulsory! because this process falls under the RTO (Regional Transport Office) rules.
So now we will show you the full process of how to book an appointment for a learning license online.

Stages For Getting A New LL (Learner’s License)


There are a total of four stages in order to apply online for a learning license

such as:

#1. Fill Online Application For Learner’s License

#2. Upload Required Documents For Learning License

#3. Fee Payment For The Learning License

#4. Booking An Appointment For The Learning License

If you do not have so much time to read this full article you can follow these quick steps. let’s go through the quick summary of learning licence slot booking online.

Quick Summary Of LL Slot Booking Online (Learning Licence Slot Booking)

  1. Open Parivahan’s website.
  2. Click on Driving License Related Services‘.
  3. Carefully Select Your State And Then Town.
  4. From Sarathi’s Homepage, Click on the Application Status Button.
  5. Now enter the accurate Application Number and the proper Date Of Birth.
  6. Click on the Proceed button after selecting the LL slot booking option.
  7. After entering the Security Code from the SMS, Now carefully select your preferred date from the calendar and time from the quota box.
  8. Recheck all the details once again.
  9. Confirm the LL Slot Booking Online.
  10. Finally, take the printout of the slots.

The above quick steps are for those who are in a little hurry right now.

But if you have time and you want to know this process in detail, simply read this full article.

Before knowing this method, you should note that there are two methods for this process. we are going to show you both the methods.
And both are very easy. so let us go through the first method.

How To Book Appointment For Learning License Test Online?

#1. Open

To book an appointment for the learning license test, we do mean that to book an appointment for the LL test, you must open any browser, and type in your URL box.

learning license slot booking parivahan LL Slot Booking Online

It is the official online portal of the Ministry Of Road Transport And Highways, and it is controlled by the Government Of India.

so, just open the portal.

Or you can access the site from right here: Parivahan

#2. Click On More Button

After you open the site, you will see there are plenty of options. it is a little bit confusing. but don’t be. In the License Related Services section, you will the first box named Drivers/Learners License, so simply click on the more button. see the image for help.

learning license slot booking LL Slot Booking Online

This means you have driving license-related work at this time, so you will click on the second option. see in the below above.

#3. Sarathi’s Redirection

After clicking on it, Parivahan’s site will redirect you to Sarathi’s official website (

#4. Selecting Your State

Now, on this new page, you will select the state. You will choose the state in which you have applied for the learning license, and want to book slots for a learning license exam in the RTO.

learning license slot booking online
Selecting State For Slot Booking For Learning Licence

For Example: If you are living in cities like Pune, Mumbai, Solapur, Or Kolhapur, Nashik, Lonavla, Nagpur, Aurangabad, then you will choose Maharashtra.
Same with the other states and the cities.

#5. Selecting Your City And Your RTO

After selecting the State, you must select the town to which you and your Regional Transport Office (RTO) belong. so carefully select it.

Note: In some states, you are not bound to select your City and town. you will automatically be processed further.

#6. Click On The Application Status Button

Now the main homepage of Sarathi’s website will be opened. In the center of the website, you will see some kind of icons there. or you can say buttons.

Can you see a button named Application Status there? you just need to click on that button.

learning license slot booking online application status
Application Status For Learning Licence Slot Booking

Also, you will see the Main Menu on the particular homepage. in the menu, on the right corner, you will see the application status option. you can also click here too.

Learning License Slot Booking

#7. Enter Your Application Number And Your Date Of Birth

Once you will click on that, this window will appear immediately. Now enter your Application Number in the box.

Note: The Application Number has already been sent to your registered mobile number at that time when you submitted up your online application for a learning license.

learning licence slot booking enter application details
Enter Application Details For Learning Licence Slot Booking

If you have not applied for it yet, then you have to do it first. because until you do it, your application number will not be generated.

This Will Help You: How To Apply For The Learning License Online

So after entering the application number, fill in your Date Of Birth. Then, enter the correct CAPTCHA.

And then click on the SUBMIT button.

#8. Check Your Application Status

Now see your Application Status page. You will get to know everything about your application here on this page.

How much procedure is left, how much procedure has been done, you can see everything here about your application.

Now, you can see, there is a small box of several works.

these are the four stages that you need to complete in order to get a new Learning License for your vehicle.

As you know, these are a total of four stages:





learning license slot booking
Proceed To Learning Licence Slot Booking Online
You need to know this

Before booking the appointment for yourself, you need to complete all these three steps.

1) You will need to apply and fill your online application for learning license.

See Here: How To Apply For Learning License Online

2) Then, you will need to upload all your required documents for the learning license

See Here: How To Upload All The Required Documents For The Learning License

3) The third step is simply to pay the Learning License Fees Online.
See Here: How To Pay Fees For The Learning License.

After these three stages, you can do slot booking for LL. and that is the fourth one.

#9. Click On The Proceed Button

So after all this, Select the fourth and final option and click on the Proceed Button. see the above image for reference.

#10. Get A Security Code On You Number

After clicking on it, you will see this page on your screen and you will instantly receive a Security Code on your registered mobile number.

Sarathi’s website will want to know the security code that will be sent to your registered mobile number.

Appointment For Learning License Security Code

Now check your SMS, and enter the correct security code in the box and click on the SUBMIT button.

#11. Confirm All The Details And Click On PROCEED TO BOOK

After entering the correct security code, the slot booking page will appear. you will see all your application details here.

slot booking for learning license dl details
Learning Licence Slot Booking Personal Details

Confirm your personal details as well as the service that you have requested.

Once done, click on the PROCEED TO BOOK button.

#12. Choose Date From The Learning License Test Calendar

Now you will see the main LL Test Appointment page. On this page, you will see a kind of Calendar. This is the calendar that you will use for the learner’s license slot booking according to your time and schedule.

appointment for learning license choosing date
Choosing Date Of Slot Booking For Learning Licence

You will see that calendar is showing some colors such as Green, Grey, Red, and Blue.

Keep This In Mind:

Green: This color means that the slots are available on this date. which means you can book an appointment for the Learning License Test on the green date.

Red: This color means that the slots are not at all available on this date. this means you cannot book an appointment for the LL Test on the Red date.

Blue: This color means that this day is a Holiday. whatever it can be-Saturday, Sunday, Or any Festival. which means you cannot book slots for the Learning License Test on the Blue date.

So basically you can only book an appointment on the Green date. now if you found any date suitable according to your time and schedule, simply click on that date.

#13. Choose Time From Available Quota And Click On BOOK SLOT

After selecting the date, you will see a new box that will appear right next to the calendar. see the image below for reference.

The box will show you the total quota of that particular date according to the time span.

appointment for learning license choosing time slot
Choosing Time Of Slot Booking For Learning Licence

It means that you will select the time that is best for you on that particular date, and simply click on the BOOK SLOT button.

#14. Click On The CONFIRM TO BOOK Button

After clicking on it, see the preview of the learning license test appointment and click on the CONFIRM TO SLOT BOOK button.

appointment for learning license confirmation
Confirm To Learning Licence Slot Booking

#15. Completed !! Now Print This Document

Guess what…? You have done it !!! You have booked an appointment for the learning license test. now you will see this page on your screen.

ll slot booking slip
Learning Licence Slot Booking Slip

So simply take the slot booking print out also you can save it as a PDF format on your device.

Now, let’s talk about the second method of LL Appointment.

The Second Method Of LL Slot Booking Online

Step #1:

Open Sarathi’s website and select the State. and then select the City.

Step #2:

Click on the Appointments (Slot Booking) button from the center of the website.

ll slot booking button
LL Test Slot Booking Button

Step #3:

Now a new window will appear on your screen. fill in your application number and then enter your correct Date Of Birth.

then enter the Verification Code that you can see in the image next to the box. and click on the SUBMIT button.
The further process is as same as we have shown you above in the first method. follow from step number 11.

Now you will be happy to know that you have successfully completed the full process of the learning license online application.

Note: Now as soon as you complete this online process you must have to visit your RTO immediately, and submit all the documents that you have saved as PDFs or printouts.

The documents will be like this,

  • Learning License Acknowledgement
  • Learning License Application Forms
  • Learning License Payment Receipt
  • Learning Licence Slot Booking Receipt

Then the RTO officials will guide you to the further process. Whatever process will be there in the RTO, simply complete it.

After that, you have to visit the RTO directly on the appointment date. after you pass the learning license test, your brand new learning license will be handover to you on the same day.

But, sometimes they send the learner’s license to our doorstep by courier.

What is a Slot Booking For Learning License?

Slot Booking is also called appointment booking, which one takes for an RTO exam. This appointment is basically taken for a driving test conducted by Regional Transport Office for obtaining a valid driving license or learning license in India.

What Type Of Questions Do They Ask in the Learner’s Licence Exam?

The RTO computer software can anything about one of these topics.

#1. Road Safety Signs
#2. Motor Vehicle Rules
#3. Speed Limitation

Study these topics and you will PASS your LL EXAM.

Check out This EBOOK to know the secrets of the LL EXAM: Clear The Learning Licence Test.

What if I Fail My LL EXAM?

You can apply for the RE-TEST very easily in Sarathi Parivahan Sewa. But remember one thing, you will need to pay a Re-Test fee for it.

After that, you will just need to book an appointment and time, then visit the RTO on the scheduled time and date to give the RE-TEST for learning license.

You can even give your test by sitting at your home.

If you do not want to fail the LL exam, do check out my latest and excellent EBOOK here: Clear The Learning Licence Test.


Learning Licence Slot Booking Conclusion

So this is the simple process for booking slots for the learning license test. As you can see in this article we have shown you the exact way of Learning Licence Slot Booking.

we have discussed both the methods of slot booking in this article. Now it is totally upon you which method you will choose.

We really hope that you found this article helpful.

If so, then do one thing, just spread this article to your friends, colleagues, and your loved ones. so that they will get to know something new.

Apart from that, we want you to share your thoughts in the comment box. If you have any suggestions, any complaints, or any queries, feel free to comment down here.

Or you can contact us.

We will definitely try to reply to you.

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