How To Get International Driving License In India 2022

International Driving License In India | Hey people, Are you a traveler of the world? I mean that do you travel a lot in the different-different countries more often?

But having no IDP license (international driver’s permit) while traveling the world, is not a good idea, is it?

I am sure, you want to know the process of obtaining an IDP license in India. That must be the exact reason why are you are bumped into this article.

So, do you also think that getting an international driving permit in India is a very difficult thing?

Why am I asking you this question? because there are plenty of people who think it’s a very hard task to do.

I bet you, it’s not at all.

Here in this extremely useful article, I am about to tell you how you can get an international driving licence in India, and that too in less than a week.

Actually, in not even less than a week, you can get an IDP (International Driver’s Permit) in just a span of 3-4 days.

So, if you want to obtain your IDP, and that too, without hiring any middlemen (All those Greedy agents in the RTO), then stay with me in this article.

Once you will finish this article, I promise that you will immediately get up, and start the process of getting an IDL (international driving license in India).

So read this full article, without skipping even single text.


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So here we go : )

These are for you:

Process For Getting An International Driving Permit In India

Hey, but before knowing how to apply for an international driving licence in India, you should know what it is used for and why it is required for travelers of the world?

Now I am hundred percent sure that you have dozens of questions about the IDP apart from acquiring an IDP license.

So let’s just clear those questions!

What Is International Driving Permit?

An international driving license is something that allows you to drive any of your personal motor vehicles in those countries that you wish to travel to. This means that an IDP license gives you a kind of permission that you can legally drive any vehicle in almost 150 countries other than your country.

This international license is sent to you by only translating your original driving license in India. Meaning you are given this license only when you have a proper permanent driving license in India.

An international license in India lasts for one year. after one year it expires and you will need to renew it without forgetting.

What Is The Difference Between International Driving Permit And International Driving License?

Well, many people are confused between these two terms. So I am going to clear your confusion here.

There is no difference between these international licenses. they are just the same! Whether you call it an international driving license (IDL) or an international driving licence (IDP), they are the same.

It’s just that, in some states, it is called IDP and in other states, it is called IDL.

Now let’s get to know what documents are required for an international driving license in India.

Required Documents For International Driving License From India

required documents for international driving permit in india

Now, this is something that may take your little extra time and effort to collect all your documents completely. But once you get ready with your proper documents, it will be nearly effortless to apply for an IDP from India.

You will need the documents such as:

  • Form 4A
  • Form 1A – Medical Certificate
  • Your Permanent Driving License- Copy
  • Your Address Proof- Copy
  • Proof Of Your Indian Citizenship
  • Proper Visa
  • Valid Flight Ticket
  • Valid Passport
  • Adhaar Card (Optional)
  • Pan Card (Optional)
  • 5-10 Passport Size Photos

And that’s it. these are the documents needed for an international driving permit in India.

Hey, hey, don’t worry! I am not going to leave it this easy. I am aware that you have so many questions regarding these documents. so let’s just get more information about them.

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Form 4A- The Application Form For International Driving Permit In India

Form 4A is an official application form for an international driving license from India. This form is filed under Rule Number 12 [Sub rule 2].

Actually, this is the main form that you need to fill physically.

You can get this application form from your RTO (Regional Transport Office), Or you can also download this form from here:

So now simply download this form and fill it physically.

Wait… what did you say? you don’t know how to fill this application form. Don’t worry! I am here to help you with how to do it also.

How To Fill The Application Form For International Driving Licence In India

The application form for the international driving licence generally has 2 pages. let’s see.

the upper section of the front page of form 4A for international driving license in India
International Driving License Application Form 4A
  • Look, on the first page, on the right side, you will see a square box. so paste your passport-sized photo in that box.
  • Now, on the left side, there will be some lines. here, you have to mention that whom you are requesting to provide you the international driver’s permit.
  • So simply write your RTO’s name here.

Now below…

filling the name address details in the form 4A for international driving license in india
  • You will see categories for vehicles that the IDP is applied for. so read all these carefully.
  • Now write your Name, Father’s Name, Place Of Birth & Country, Address (both present and permanent), etc in the below box on the form. See the example below.

NOTE: (Below example is shown you in a bit humorous way, so do not take it too seriously, enter your details properly in the form)

1) Name: Baburao Ganpatrao Aapte

2) Father’s Name: Ganpatrao Apte

3) Place Of Birth/Country: Star Garage, Mumbai, India

4) Address (Present And Permanent): 22 Number Bungalow, Mumbai, India

See the above example for reference.

Now on the second page…

the upper section of the next page of form 4A for international driving license in India
  • Form 4 A continues to ask you about the details such as your Date Of Birth, Educational Qualification, Identification Marks, Blood Group, Previous Information For International Driving Licence, Date Of Every Conviction, Previous Disqualification, etc.

5) Date Of Birth: 07/05/1957

6) Educational Qualification: DP.TK (Dopahar Tak) From Marathi School

7) Identification Marks: Golden Chasma, a small scar on the forehead by getting hit with a Lota.

8) Blood Group: B Positive.

9) Have you previously held an international driving license? If so give details: NA


You will need to fill in all the details carefully.

Now last part of the form 4 A…

second page of international driving license form 4A
  • In this section you need to fill in your documents details for an international driving permit, so write it very carefully.
  • Finally, do you signature or thumb impression on the form and fill in the correct Date.

Once you fill up the form, carefully recheck it. and then, done. you have successfully filled your application for an international driving licence at your home.

Now, what is the next document you will need…?

Form 1A – Medical Certificate

Form 1 A is also known as a medical certificate. it is the form that you can collect from your regional transport office (RTO). after that, you will need to visit your Doctor. Make sure you consult with an MBBS doctor.

Do your proper health checkup like your blood test, urine test, disease checkup, etc.

After that, take the doctor’s signature and his official stamp on your medical certificate. and attach it with your IDP application form.

Reminder: You must take only and only MBBS doctor’s stamp and signature on the form.

Valid Permanent Driving License

If you live in India and want to possess an international driving permit, you will need your valid driving license.

If you do not have a driving license, you cannot apply for an international license.

This is for you: How To Apply For Driving License Online

Get a copy of your driver’s license and attach it with the IDL application form.

Your Address Proof

For address proof, you can attach a clear copy of one of these documents such,

  • Landline Bill
  • Electricity Bill
  • Aadhar Card
  • Ration Card
  • etc

Make sure all these documents are latest and updated.

Proof Of Your Indian Citizenship

For your citizenship proof, you will need several documents, you can attach one of these,

  • School Leaving Certificate
  • Birth Certificate
  • Any Insurance Papers
  • etc

Your Valid Visa

You are not allowed to possess an international driving licence in India if you do not a visa for any country that you want to travel in.

So do keep your visa ready. and simply attach it with your main application form.

Your Valid Flight Ticket

Yes, to apply for an international driving permit, you will need your flight ticket also. so do not forget to attach it with the application form.

Your Valid Passport

Now, finally, you will need your passport to attach to your application form. so be ready with it also.

Apart from these documents, you will need 10-12 passport-sized photographs to obtain an international driver’s licence in India.

So these are the total documents you will need for an IDP in India.

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Fees For International Driver’s Permit India

Well, talking about the fees, there are several states in India that charge 500-600 rupees for the IDL. on the other some charge 1000-1100 rupees for the same.

So I would say, it totally depends on the state that you currently live in.

But, I am presuming that you will also need 1000-1200 rupees for obtaining the IDP license in India.

Because in Pune, Maharashtra, they charge 900 hundred rupees. your state might charge low or high. So you have got to do a bit of research about the fees.

How To Get International Driving License In India With All The Documents Ready

Well, if you have all your documents ready with yourself, and you filled up an application for an international license, you will have only one thing left to do.

And that is, Submitting it to your Regional Transport Office.

Just grab all your papers and visit your RTO, after that, the RTO officials will guide you about the further process.

And then pay your fees according to your state and the city. and do the required steps that the RTO officials will suggest to you.

Now, wait for 3 days to 1 week. you will get your international driver’s license at your doorstep within a week.

Now let us talk about some questions related to the international licence.

FAQs Regarding International Driver’s Licence India

faq section for international driving permit in India 2021

Does an international driver’s license expire?

Yes, as with almost every kind of license in India, this license also gets expired. so you will need to renew it before it gets expired. otherwise, you may lose access to drive any vehicle in a foreign country.

How long does an international driver’s license last?

Your international license for driving can last for 12 months (1 Year) from the date of issue. however in some cases, if someone will found misusing this license in a bad way, the license might be suspended by the issuing authorities without any notice.

So be careful, and a little responsible while using it. and do not forget to renew the driving license before it gets expired.

Can we drive with an international license in the USA?

Of course, you can drive in the USA. once you obtain an international license, it allows you to drive in almost 150 countries around the world including the United States Of America.

I have a normal Indian driving licence, not an international driving licence, can I drive a car in Qatar or any other Arab country?

Unfortunately, you cannot drive with only having an Indian driving license in any other country other than India. You must apply for IDP to do so.

Can an International Driving Permit issued from India can act as driving experience proof from India?

Yes, it can act as driving experience proof in India as well as some other countries provided you are not using it in a not-so-legal way to prove it.

So please stay from those activities while holding the LDP license. otherwise, it may cause you huge trouble.

Can we get the certificate from RTO for an international driving licence?

Yes, you can get the EMPTY medical certificate from your RTO. after that you will need to do a health checkup and take a signature and stamp of the MBBS doctor.

Then you can attach this certificate to the IDL application.

I have only a week-old LMV driving licence, should I get the International Driving licence?

If you want to travel to foreign countries, you can apply for an IDP license. it does not depend on how old your Indian license is. It totally depends on whether you possess a valid permanent driver’s license in India or not.

You can also ask your questions below this article in the comments box.


international driving license: conclusion

So, I hope you understood all the steps about how to obtain an international driving license in India.

We have discussed all here in this article. Whether it is a fee or the required documents IDP license.

I have also told you about the process in the RTO to get the license.

Well, if you still have not understood it clearly, kindly read this article once again a bit carefully. otherwise, you can comment below this article.

Or you can contact us.

Do not hesitate to contact us, I am always there for you.

Now, I will ask you to do a very courageous thing, which is sharing this article with your friend, and your colleagues, or sharing it with someone who wants to apply for an international driving permit in India.

You can help somebody by doing spreading it.


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