Driving License Slot Booking: DL Slot Booking Online 2021- Easy

Driving License Slot Booking | Welcome to apply online for driving license website. today I am going to show you the easy and simple method of driving test slot booking online.

But before this stage, If you haven’t filled and submitted your driving license application form yet, you have to do it first.

Once you fill your application for a driving licence, you will get a new Application Number. And that application number will be required for the DL slot booking.

So are you unable to book a slot for a driving license online?

Or are you having any trouble regarding permanent license slot booking? This article is dedicated to you.

All your questions and doubts will be solved in this article related to driving license slot booking. Now you do not need to hire any RTO agents for this tiny work and give them some extra bucks.

But before that, are you sure that you do have a good amount of information about slot booking?

If yes, well and good. And if No, then you need to know it right. otherwise, you may do huge mistakes.


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Table of Contents

Driving License Slot Booking: DL Slot Booking Online

Stages For Getting a New Driving License Easily

stages for getting a new driving license in india

Well, there are a total of three steps for driving license slot booking.

1. Fill The Driving License Application Form

2. Paying The Fess For Driving License Online

3. Booking Slots For Driving License Test

What Is Driving License Slot Booking?

Slot Booking is also called appointment booking, which one takes for an RTO exam. This appointment is basically taken for a driving test conducted by Regional Transport Office for obtaining a valid driving license or learning license in India.

This process is one of the three stages of the driving license online application process. It is the third and final step of the online dl application.

Once you filled your online application for the driving license, you need to pay the fees to book your appointment for the driving license test in the RTO.

And if you pass the very easy test, you will get your driving license delivered at home in a few business days.

Booking an appointment for a driving license is not even as difficult as learning a fly an airplane! It is an extremely easy and simple process.

You will just need a Laptop or a Personal Computer. Or even you can also use your mobile phone for this small work.

So here we go…

Let’s go through the quick summary of the driving license slot booking in Maharashtra.

If you do not have much time to read this full article you can follow these quick steps.

Quick Steps Of Slot Booking For Driving Licence

Step #1: Open Parivahan’s website.

Step #2: Click on ‘Driving License Related Services’.

Step #3: Now select the State and City.

Step #4: Click on Application Status from the menu, or click on the Application Status Button from the homepage.

Step #5: Now Enter your Driving Licence details correctly.

Step #6: Click on the Proceed button after selecting the DL Slot Booking option.

Step #7:  Confirm all the details. and click on Proceed To Book option.

Step #8: Now carefully select your preferred date from the calendar and time from the quota box, and then click on the Book Slot button.

Step #9: Now enter the security code that is sent on your mobile number, and click on the SUBMIT button.

Step #10: After that, recheck all the details once again.

Step #11: Now, simply Confirm the DL slot booking by clicking on the CONFIRM TO SLOT BOOK button.

Step #12: Finally, take the printout of the appointment receipt.

How About This Infographic Below

an infographic containing the steps for booking an appointment for driving licence in india
Pay the fees for a driving license in India

If you want to know this whole process well then you have to read this article completely. I am going to elaborate very comprehensively.

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How To Do Slot Booking For The Learning License

How To Do Slot Booking For Driving Licence Online

#1. Parivahan.gov.in

To book an appointment for driving licence test, I mean, to book an appointment for the DL test, you need to open your browser first.

And type “parivahan.gov.in” in the search box.

google search for parivahan sew for driving license slot booking

It is the official website for the Ministry Of Road Transport And Highways, powered by the Government Of India.

So, simply open the site.

Or you can access this site directly from right here: Parivahan

#2. See The License Related Services Section

Once you open the Parivahan Sewa, you will see a section named License Related Services. In this section, there will be four options.

selecting license related services for driving license slot booking
  • Drivers/Learners License
  • Driving School
  • Online Test/ Appointment
  • Other Services

From these options, you will click on the first option — Drivers/Learners License.

By the way, all of these four options lead you to the same page. and that is Sarathi Parivahan Sewa.

So click on the first option. Now,

#3. Sarathi.parivahan.gov.in

After you select the option, Parivahan Sewa will redirect you to the official sarathi.parivahan.gov.in website (sarathi.parivahan.gov.in).

Or you can directly visit Sarathi’s website from here: Sarathi

#4. Select Your Proper State

As shown in the below image, you will choose your current state in which you have applied for your learning license and at the same time your driving license, also wants to book an appointment for driving licence test.

select state for the driving license slot booking

For Example: If you are currently living in cities like Pune, Mumbai, Nashik, Lonavla, Nagpur, Aurangabad, Solapur, Or Kolhapur then obviously you will choose Maharashtra.

Same with the other states and the cities.

#5. Choose Your Regional Transport Office

To get a proper valid driving licence, you have to provide your RTO details to Sarathi Parivahan Sewa. So to do this, you will need to select your RTO here on the website.

Having said that, sarathi.parivahan.gov.in does not ask you to choose your state. Like here in Maharashtra, you will not need to choose your City or RTO.

Note: In some states, you will not need to select the RTO and City.

#6. Sarathi Parivahan Sewa Homepage

Now the main homepage of Sarathi Parivahan Sewa’s website will be opened. you can get all of your driving license-related work on this site.

Now you will see on this homepage, a Blue Horizontal Menu is containing several services related to the driving license.

On the right corner of the Menu, you will see an option named Application Status. Simply click on that.

click on application status in parivahan sewa for slot booking for driving licence

#7. Click On The Application Status Button

If you are having difficulty finding the application status option. Just see it at the center of the website. you can see there are plenty of buttons. From those buttons, simply click on the Application Status button.

the button of application status in parivahana sewa for slot booking for driving licence

#8. Enter Your Application Number, Date Of Birth, And Captcha

After clicking on that, this window will be opened. Now simply fill in your correct Application Number in the box.

enter application number to check application status for driving license slot booking

Note: The Application Number and the other additional information have already been sent to your registered mobile number at the time when you submitted your online application for a driving license.

If you have not applied for it, then you have to do it first. only after that, your Application Number will be generated.

See Here: How To Apply Online For Driving License 

So after entering the Application Number, fill in your Date Of Birth. Then, enter the correct CAPTCHA.

And then click on SUBMIT Button.

#9. See Your Application Status

Now see your Application Status page. You will get to know everything about your application here on this page.

How much procedure is left, and how much procedure has been done, you can know everything here about your application and the services that you requested.

the application status page for driving license slot booking in sarathi parivahan sewa portal

Now, you see carefully, there will be a small box of several activities on this page. there is a total of three stages that you need to complete to get the Driving License for your particular vehicle.

These are a total of three steps:




These were the steps that I have mentioned at the start of this article. So before booking the appointment for yourself, you need to complete all these three steps.

choosing dl slot book option in parivahan.gov.in

1) You will need to apply and submit your online application for driving license.

See Here: How To Apply Online For Driving License 

2) The second step is to pay your DL Fees Online.

See Here: How To Pay Fees The For The Driving License

3) After these 2  steps, you can do driving license slot booking online. and that is the third and final stage to get a driving licence.

This is the step that I am going to show you in this interesting article.

#10. Click on The Proceed Button

So after all this, Select the third and final option named DL SLOT BOOK, and click on the PROCEED button. you can see it in the image below.

#11. Select Application Number Option

After clicking on the proceed button, this page will appear on your screen. You need to provide your application details here. for that, you can see there are two ways.

select application number option for dl slot booking in india

You can provide either your Application Number or your Learner’s License Number.

So, select your option. for example, I am selecting the application number option here.

#12. Enter Your Application Details And Click On The Submit Button

Now enter your correct Application Number, your Date of Birth, and the Verification Code that you can see on the side of the image.

enter application details in sarathi parivahan sewa for driving license slot booking in maharashtra

Once you will enter all your details correctly, simply click on the SUBMIT button.

#13. See Your Personal Details, And COV, and Click On Proceed To Book

Now the new page will be opened. you can see your Personal Details on this DL test appointment page.

see the applicant details for driving license slot booking

Now, scroll down a little. also, you can see there is a box containing your Requested Transaction as well as the Class of Vehicle.

And the right below of this box, there is a small section named ‘SELECT COVs’.

proceeding for driving licence slot booking in maharashtra

Here you will find all the vehicle classes that you want a driving license for, and you have requested.

So select the vehicle option by clicking on the small Checkbox.

And then click on the PROCEED TO BOOK button.

#14. Select The Suitable Date For DL Test

Now you will see the DL test appointment page for the Driving License Slot Booking. on the top, there is a section named “Appointments”.

appointment details for slot booking for driving licence in maharashtra

This will update as you select the date for your driving license test.

On this page, you can see a kind of Calendar. this is the calendar that you will use for the driving license slot booking according to your time and schedule.

You can see the calendar is showing some color indicators such as Green, Red, and Blue. also Gray is there.

choosing date for the driving license test appointment in sarathi.parivahan.gov.in

Green: This color means that the slots are available on this date. it means that you can book slots for the Driving License Test on this date.

Red: This color means that the slots are no longer available on this date. which means you cannot book an appointment for the Driving License Test on this Red date.

Blue: This color means that this day is a Holiday. holidays like Saturday, Sunday, Or even any Festival. This means you cannot book an appointment for driving licence test on this date too.

So now, you can book an appointment only on the Green date.

Now select the date that you want to book an appointment on, and simply click on the time of your choice.

#15. Select The Suitable Time Slot For Driving License Test

After selecting the date, you will see a new box that will appear right next to the calendar. see the image below.

choosing date and time for driving license slot booking in maharashtra

The box will show you the total quota of that particular date according to the time span.

So you will select the right time which is best for you on that date. And simply click on the BOOK SLOT button.

#16. Enter The Security Code

After clicking on it, you will see this page on your screen and you will immediately receive a security code on your mobile number.

Driving License Slot Booking: DL Slot Booking Online

enter otp for slot booking for driving licence in Maharashtra

Sarathi’s website will want to know the security code that will be sent on your Registered Mobile Number.

Now check your SMS, and enter the correct security code in the box and click on the SUBMIT button.

#17. Click On The Confirm To Driving License Slot Booking

After clicking on the Submit button, see the preview of the driving license test appointment and click on the CONFIRM TO SLOT BOOK button.

slot booking for driving licence

#18. You have Successfully Booked an Appointment For DL

Now… Guess what…? You have done it !!!

You have got an appointment for driving licence test. so you will see the below page on your screen.

acknowledgment of slot booking for driving licence in Maharashtra

So simply take the slot booking print out or you can save it in a PDF format.

Now you will be happy to know that you have completed the full process of applying for a driving license online successfully.

Note: You just need to visit the RTO after you complete this online process and then you need to submit all these documents and follow the instructions of the RTO officials to complete the offline process.

There will be a simple process in the RTO, simply complete it.

After that, you need to again visit the dedicated RTO at the appointment date. after you pass the test you will be delivered your driving license to your doorstep in a few days by courier.

Trust us… it’s not that hard as it sounds…

The Driving License Slot Booking is the stage that completes the full process of driving license online application.

But before doing this, you need to complete the first two stages.

This is Important:

1) How To Apply Online For Driving License

2)  Pay The Driving License Test Fees Online

Now you can say that all the online work related to a driving license has been done.

Now you just need to do the offline work for it, by visiting the RTO. and in the business few days, you will get your driving license.

Now let’s just talk about some Frequently Asked Questions about ‘parivahan appointment slot booking’.

FAQs for Slot Booking For Driving Licence

Can We Book A Driving License Test Slot Online In Bengaluru Or Any Other City On Sarathi Parivahan Sewa?

Yes, The Sarathi Parivahan Sewa is made for Maharashtra and all the states in India.

You can apply online for a driving test appointment very easily from Bengaluru or any other city in India.

I Have Applied For The Driving Test Slot Booking Online, Now I Have A PDF Acknowledgment Of It. So Now, Can I Drive A Scooty Carrying This PDF?

The simple answer is NO! why? because the RTO authority books appointment for you to check whether you can drive any motor or not.

Now If you have not been given any test in the RTO, how can you drive on the roads. So don’t do any kind of mistake like this.

What Is The Procedure To Get A Driving License In India?

The procedure of getting a driving license in India is very easy and simple. you will just need to follow some steps.

But before applying for a driving license, you have to decide where you want to apply for it. I mean online or offline.

If you want to apply for the driving license offline you will have to find a legit RTO agent who will guide you through the process. or you can also get help from your friends who already got a driving license.

Now if you want to get a driving license online, you can do it by yourself. Click Here To Know More.

I Have Not Done Slot Booking For my Driving Licence Due To Lockdown In May 2021. I Have Paid Fees For A Driving License, But My Learning License Expired. What Do I Do?

You can still book appointments for a driving license. the authority gives you permission in this situation to book an appointment for a driving licence.

Just check the Sarathi Parivahan Sewa website, and check your application status in the portal.

What If I Do Not Have Any Bike For The Driving License Test In The RTO?

In this situation, you must inform the RTO official about it. the Regional Transport Office may arrange a bike for you. If not, simply do one thing, just reach your RTO just an hour before the test will begin.

Now, you can request anybody and borrow their bike for few minutes just for the sake of the RTO test. Anyone would easily help you in this particular circumstance.

What If I Want To Change My Driving License Slot Booking Date And Time?

On Sarathi Parivahan Sewa, accessible at sarathi.parivahan.gov.in, you can very easily cancel your appointment date, and take any other date you want.

Can We Book Online Driving Slots For Licence On Sundays?

Of course, Not, because Sunday is a regular weekly holiday, so you are not allowed to book a slot on this day for the driving test. on Sunday day all RTOs are generally closed.

Having said that, The Sarathi Parivahan Sewa is active every day, so If you are applying online for the slot booking for the driving test on Sunday, you can do that.

How To Do Slot Booking For Driving Licence In India?


driving license slot booking conclusion

So this was the simple and easy process of driving license slot booking online. I have discussed all this process in the exact step-by-step way.

In this article, I have also discussed what slot booking really is. and how it’s necessary to do when you want a driving license to drive a vehicle.

I do really hope that you found this article helpful, don’t you? If so, then you just need to share this article with your friends, colleagues, and your loved ones.

Remember, Sharing is Caring !!!

By sharing this article, you might be helping somebody.

Plus I want you to share your thoughts, doubts, and questions or suggestions about the dl slot booking in the comment section below.

Or you can contact us. I would love to reply to you.


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