[Updates] No Need To Keep A Driving License With You In 2021?

No Need To Keep A Driving License With You In 2021?

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Good News for all of us that drive millions of vehicles on the roads of India.

You do not need to carry a driving license with you anymore.

Well, if you haven’t heard this news yet, let us inform you that this update is 100 percent correct.

Yes, you do not need to carry a driving license from October 1, 2020.

But… wait? there are a couple of conditions in this rule.

So, let’s just go through the full story.

The Central Government Of India has said that the utilization of IT services and electronic surveillance will lead to better enforcement and the maintenance of traffic rules in India.

Plus this will eliminate the harassment of drivers in India and facilitate the citizens in a good way.

The Government wanted these new rules to be enforced in the country so that citizens have maximum facilities regarding vehicular documents and the E-Challans.

Now the IT sector will contribute more under these new motor vehicle rules 2020. Also, electronic monitoring is been featured in these new rules.

From October 1, 2020, ‘The Ministry Of Road Transport And Highways’ (MoRTH) has made a couple of amendments in the existing Motor Vehicle Rule 1988.

According to these amendments, you are free to drive any vehicle on the road without any documentation such as a Driving License, Registration Certificate (RC), or E-Challan.

But the major condition is you have to verify or validate all the documents in the official government portal like m-Parivahan Or Digilocker.

The m-Parivahan and Digilocker are recommended.

You can get it from here

m-Parivahan For Android Devices

m-Parivahan For Apple Devices 


DigiLocker For Android Devices

DigiLocker For Apple Devices

If you do not use these apps, then note that you are still obliged to carry all the vehicular documents while driving on the Indian roads.

But, if you are familiar with these apps, you can get all the benefits from these New Motor Vehicle Rules.

For Example: Let’s assume that you are traveling from Pune to Lonavla, Or Let’s say Mumbai to Goa. Now you check your wallet, and you come to know that you do not have your driving license or RC, or any vehicular documents.

Now, on the way, the traffic officials grab you for checking your documents.

In this case, under this new amendment in the MV rules, if you have any soft copy of your driving license that is verified in your m-Parivahan or Digilocker, you would not get fined on this.

But if you don’t have your document validated through those government portals, then under the Motor Vehicle Act 1988, you would be hugely fined or even be jailed for the violation of the rules.

The Statement Of MoRTH:

“Ministry of Road Transport & Highways (MoRTH) has recently issued notifications regarding various amendments in Central Motor Vehicle Rules 1988 requiring the implementation of enforcement,

Maintenance of Vehicular Documents and E-Challans through portal w.e.f 1.10.2020 for better monitoring and enforcement of Motor Vehicle Rules.”

It also added, “The Use of IT services and electronic monitoring will result in better enforcement of traffic rules in the country and will lead to removing harassment of drivers and would facilitate the citizens.”

Actually, these Motor Vehicle Rules hade came into force from 1 October.

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What Are The New Motor Vehicle Rules?


Number #1:

You are not obliged to carry a Driving License, Insurance Papers, and the Registration Certificate while driving from October 1, 2020. But this is only when you have verified or validated all these documents on the Online Government Portal.

Number #2:

Also, you can revoke your Driving License digitally from the government portal. 

Number #3:

To get the benefits from the new update in the rules, you have to upload your vehicular documents in the m-Parivahan app or the Digilocker app. These apps are easily available in all the Appstore.

You can Register or Sign up in the portal by just providing your Mobile Number.

Number #4:

Your E-challan details will also be stored on these Online Government Portals.

Number #5:

All your details regarding your Driving License will be recorded digitally. 

Number #6:

The Last and the final Update is that you can use your mobile phone while driving only for navigation purposes. you still cannot talk on the phone while driving.

It is only for navigation.

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No Need To Keep A Driving License With You In 2021?

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