Driving Licence Renewal Fees | How To Pay DL Renewal Fees Online In 2020?

Driving Licence Renewal Fees | Is your driving license expired recently, or it is nearly about to expire?

Well you know, If your driving license has expired, you have to renew it in order to run any vehicle on the roads of India without any fear of being hugely fined.

By the way, renewing your driving license offline is not a very good idea. because firstly, you will need to visit the RTO and hire some RTO agents for doing this small work for you.

And those agents exist there only for looting our money! yes we are not exaggerating.

They definitely help us to do our work, but they charge us a large amount of money. so going there and hire a RTO agent is very bad idea.

Instead you can apply online for renewal of driving license by your own, and pay the correct and legit fees online.

Yes, it is possible!!

You will just need a laptop or a desktop for this work. or even you can use your mobile phone.

Paying Driving Licence Renewal Fees online is not a very big deal.

So, If you want to know the real cost of driving license renewal online, you have got to read this whole article without skipping even a single line.

Because in this article, we are going to showing you the way how you can pay your driving licence renewal fees online on Sarathi’s website.

So let’s get started.

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Before you can pay the renewal driving licence fees, you need to apply for renewal of drivers license online.

This means you must have to fill and submit an online application for driving license renewal. after that you have to upload your documents for driving license renewal online.

Then you can pay your fees.

Is it sounds confusing…?

See the below section…

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What Is The Driving Licence Renewal Fees? How To Pay DL Renewal Fees Online In 2021

The Stages Of Driving License Renewal

renewal of drivers license online stages

You might be saying right now- “Stages…? What the hell are you talking about?”

But you have to understand that there are total of four stages that you need to clear in order to get your renewed driving license successfully.

Whether you do it online, or offline, you have to clear these stages.

But believe us… we are here for you. we are going to show you how to complete all the four stages.

#1. Filling An Online Application For DL Renewal

This is the first ever stage of DL Renewal.

This is the process where you need to fill as well as submit your online application for renewal of driving license on Sarathi’s site.

You have to firstly complete this stage. it is not hard at all.

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#2. Upload Your Documents

This is second stage of DL Renewal.

This is the process where you need to upload all of your proper documents for driving license renewal on Sarathi.

You have to complete this stage also in order to complete the online DL renewal process.

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#3. Pay The Driving Licence Renewal Fees

This is the Third stage of DL Renewal.

This is the process where you need pay your correct and legit fees online for driving license renewal on Sarathi.

Currently we are going to show you this complete process in this article. so stay tuned in this full article.

#4. Slot Booking For Driving License Renewal

This is the Fourth and Final stage of DL Renewal.

This is the process where you need to book an appointment (Slot Booking) for renewal of driving license on Sarathi.

After paying the fees, this only stage left. you have to complete this stage also.

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Now let’s go through the complete process for driving license renewal process.

First let’s see what is the fees dl renewal online.

Real Driving Licence Renewal Fees

Before knowing about the real cost of driving license renewal, you need to understand that the amount that you need to pay to the Government may vary in different states.

TransactionClass Of VehicleAmount Of FeeCF/ AF/ FineTotal
DL Renewal200 /-0200 /-
Form 7 Fee112.99 /-0112.99 /-
SER/USR CHARGE 103.01 /-0103.01 /-
Postal Charges50 /-050 /-
DL Renewal Fees Table

Grand Total: 466 /-

you might be from Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Or even Delhi, etc. so you may need to pay a little extra or even less for the renewal.

It totally depends…

We are showing you the data of Pune, Maharashtra. So here is the official amount of DL Renewal.

According To The Sarathi,

For the issue of a renewal of driving license, you will be charged 200 /- rupees only.

And for the Form 7, you will be charged 112.99 /- rupees only.

And for the SER/USR, you will be charged 103.01 /- rupees only.

And 50 /- rupees only are the postal charges for the renewed driving license.

We are sure that you are not believing in this amount as you are regretting that you have wasted some of your bucks on the RTO agents.

Now you know the real amount, now it is time to show you the easy way that you will pay the driving licence renewal fees.

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Now Let’s go further…

How To Pay The Driving Licence Renewal Fees Online?

Paying The Driving Licence Renewal Fees Online, is not a hard thing. anyone can do it without any mistake.

You will just need a phone, laptop, or a desktop.

and you can do it sitting at your home.

So here we go,

#1. Open The Parivahan’s Portal

So you need to start the process by opening any browser, and type parivahan in the URL box.

driving licence renewal fees

It is officially made by the Ministry Of Road Transport And Highways, plus it also powered by the Government Of India.

So you need to visit the site.

Here is the direct link for you: parivahan.gov.in

#2. Click On The Driving License Related Services Option On The Homepage

Once you open the site, you will notice that there two type of option on the homepage.

First: Vehicle Registration Related Services

Second: Driving License Related Services

renewal of driving licence fees

The first one belongs to the vehicle-related services and the second one is for all about the driving license-related services.

Obviously, you have to click on the second option that is Driving License Related Services.

See the image for reference.

#3. Redirection To The Sarathi

So now once you click on the DL related services, the website will automatically redirect you to the Sarathi’s portal.

Or you can directly access the Sarathi’s site right from here: sarathi.parivahan.gov.in

#4. Select Your State

Now on this particular page, you will choose your STATE. You have to select the state in which you have previously applied for a learning license or driving license.

renewal of driving licence

For Example: If you are currently living in Pune, Mumbai, Nashik, or Kolhapur then obviously you will choose Maharashtra here.

#5. Select Your City

After you select your state, a new page will be opened and it will ask you to select your town/city.

so you have to select your city in which you have applied for driving license renewal online.

Note This: You do not need to choose your City or RTO in all the states. the website will automatically process you further.

#6. Homepage Of Sarathi

Now the main homepage of Sarathi will be opened. So, you will notice there are some kind of buttons in the middle section of the site.

On this very homepage, you will also see a blue menu bar. see the below image for reference.

#7. Click On The Application Status Button

Now you will see there is an option named Application Status on the Menu Bar at the right corner. Click on it.

driving licence renewal fees

Also, from those buttons or icons at the very center of the website, you can see a button named Application Status. you can also click on that button.

After clicking on the application status, a window will be opened. Now simply fill in your Application Number and your Date Of Birth in the respective boxes.

renewal of driving licence fees

Note: The Application Number has been already sent to your registered mobile number at the time when you fill your online application form for Driving License renewal. Check your SMS.

If you haven’t filled your online form for a renewal of driving license yet, then do it first.

Click here to know how to do itHow To Apply For Driving License Renewal Online

So, After filling the application number, fill in your Date Of Birth. Then, solve the correct CAPTCHA.

fees for driving license renewal

And then click on Submit Button.

See the above image for reference.

#8. See Your Application Status

Now after you will enter your Application Status. You will get to know everything about your application on this particular page.

How much procedure has been done, and how much procedure is left, you can see everything here.

Now, see there will be a small section containing several stages in order to get your licence renewed.

renewal of driving licence fees

As we say, These are the four stages of Driving License Renewal.


Keep in mind that before completing the payment process you need to complete the first 2 steps.

If you haven’t yet, you need to apply online for a renewal of your driving licence and then you need to upload the required documents for it.

Then you can pay the fees for it.

So now, select the third option which is Fee Payment, and click on the Proceed Button.

#9. Fill In Your Application Number And Date Of Birth

After clicking on the proceed button, a new page will appear on the screen.

Here on this particular page, you will get to know about that exact and fair amount for the driving license renewal process.

Now you will see there is a section. you need to enter your application number and your date of birth in the respective boxes here.

driving licence renewal fees

Yes once again!

So simply enter it and click on the Calculate Fee button.

#10. See Your Legit Fees In The Table

Now the main fees table will appear on this page. and you will see the exact and fair amount for license renewal.

driving licence renewal fees table

Note: The fees for the driving license renewal may vary according to the different states in India.

It surely depends on, which vehicle do you want to get a renewed driver’s license for.

Renewal Fee Payment Online for a four-wheeler, three-wheeler, and two-wheeler can be totally different from one another.

so now, confirm the transaction details.

#11. Now Select Your Payment Gateway

Now Scroll down a little and you will see the Payment Options section on the page. there will be a small box named “Bank/Gateway/Treasury”.

driving licence renewal fees payment gateway

So click on that check box and select the SBIepay option.

Now simply fill in the Captcha carefully and Click on the Pay Now button.

#12. Click On The Proceed For Payment Button

As soon as you click on it, you will see this new page will appear on your screen.

You will see your Transaction ID or Token ID. and if you want, you can read the Terms And Conditions of Sarathi’s website.

driving licence renewal fees terms and conditions

Now click on the “I agree to the Terms And Conditions” Checkbox, and then click on the Proceed For Payment button.

#13. Redirecting To The Bank Gateway

After clicking the Proceed To Payment button this page will be opened. Now you need to be a little careful as the payment process has been started.

driving licence renewal fees payment initiated

Make sure you are not pressing the BACK BUTTON or not refreshing the page. otherwise, your payment won’t happen. it can be stuck.

So be patient…

The website will redirect you to the PAYMENT BANK GATEWAY.

See the above image.

#14. Enter Your Payment Details

In a few seconds, you will be redirected to the payment gateway. so choose your payment method. You can pay by the CREDIT CARD, DEBIT CARD, or even the UPI.

#15. Payment Done Successfully !!

After the payment, you will see this page on your screen. your transaction ID and the payment amount will be there. this means you have successfully paid your driving license renewal fees online.

driving licence renewal fees payment successful

Now simply click on the Print Receipt button. and take the print out of the payment receipt.

If you do not have any printer with you, you can save it as a PDF and then print that later.

So this was a simple and extremely easy process for paying the driving licence renewal fees online at Official Sarathi’s portal.

Now it is noticeable that there is another method that you can do online payment for DL renewal. and this method is also very simple.

Let us just talk about another method for paying the driving licence renewal fees online.

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Second Method Of Online DL Rnewal Fee Payment

Step #1: Open Sarathi’s Site

Step #2. Select Your State

Step #3. Click On The Fee Payments Button right at the center of the website.

Step #4. Read The Instructions If You Want, Otherwise click on the Proceed button

renewal of driving licence fees instructions

Step #5. After that enter your application details in the respective boxes. the further process is as same as we mentioned above in the first method.

You better read that carefully.

So now friends, the online process for paying the driving licence renewal fees is not that hard as you were thinking, is it?

You should try this online method.

Now here is something important to talk.

Sometimes, at the time when you pay your fees, you will maybe land on some strange page. it should not be considered as ‘payment failed’.

Let’s just talk about that.

What To Do On The Payment Failure Of Driving License Renewal Fees?

If you are paying your fees, you may face some issues. like this below page.

driving license renewal fees session expired

Or this below page…

driving license renewal fees new timer

Now, what to do in this situation?

Firstly, you should not get panic. because you will not lose your money anyhow. Just do as we say here.

On the Homepage of the Sarathi’s site, you can see, there is a button named Check Payment Status. simply click on that button.

driving licence renewal fees check payment status

Now enter your application number, date of birth, and the captcha code in the respective boxes.

After that click on the Verify Button

driving licence renewal fees verify status

Now, this below page will be opened on your screen. you can see, the payment is pending. Simply click on the Select Paid option.

driving licence renewal fees check payment status

Now Boom! You will automatically be landed on the Payment Successful page. This is how you will verify your payment status in very few and easy steps.

We hope you understand all the methods and stages that we discussed and showed you in this article.


renewal of drivers license online conclusion

So, we hope you read this full article and then reading this conclusion. because reading this full article is one of the few ways to successfully and safely pay your driving licence renewal fees online.

In this article, we have discussed what is the exact and real fees of the driving license renewal online.

also we talked about how to pay the dl renewal fees online on sarathi.parivahan.gov.in.

Now if you have any silly to silly question regarding the topic, please do not hesitate to comment down below this article.

Or you can contact us. we will definitely try to reply you.

Now we are giving you a small task, we want you to share this article with your loved ones so that they can also pay the real fees of RTO.

So spread it as much you can.



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