Are The Digilocker And MParivahan Apps Safe For Your Data?

Are The Digilocker And MParivahan Apps Safe For Us?

The Digilocker and the Mparivahan Apps. Are they safe? Do you have this question in your mind? but before that, do you even know what these apps are all about and what are their functions?

Well, do not worry! Stick to this article and I will share all the possible knowledge about these two mobile apps.

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What Is Digilocker?

A Digilocker is a mobile app that allows you to store your vehicular documents such as your Driving License, RC Book, Insurance Papers, Etc in a digital format. So that in case if you lost your physical documents, these digital documents from Digilocker will help you.

It is a kind of locker with a password-protected interface that can only be accessed by the owner of the particular vehicle and its documents.

What Is MParivahan?

MParivahan works the same as the Digilocker. The difference you will notice in this app is just about the user interface. But the main function of the Mparivahan is keeping your vehicular documents as safe as new jewelry.

With its password-protected system, nobody can access your vehicle’s documents except you.

Are The Digilocker And MParivahan Apps Safe?

Yes! These apps are one thousand percent safe and secure for your data. Because these apps are operating under the Surveillance of the Government of India. Also, these apps are verified by the MoRTH (Ministry Of Road Transport And Highways)

So if you are a little bit fearful of losing your personal and professional data as well as your vehicle’s document data by using these two apps, you need to be a little relaxed.

Because these apps will not do anything with your details.

How Can You Get The MParivahan And Digilocker Apps?

Actually, you can easily download these apps from the official store of your mobile phone. If you are using an android smartphone, you can download them from the Play Store.

And on the other hand, if you have any Apple products, you can download these two apps from the Official Apps Store.

For Android:

For Apple:

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Advantages Of Using Digilocker And MParivahan Apps?

The major advantage of using these apps on your mobile phone is you can access your vehicular documents wherever and whenever you want. You can use the apps on the go.

Even if you do not carry your original physical documents with you while driving, you can access these documents.

Apart from that, you will not be bothered anyhow by the traffic cops for not holding a driving license, or an RC book, or other papers as you are having access to the Digilocker or Mparivahan apps.

It will save your time and space also.

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How To Use The Digilocker And Mparivahans Apps?

Well, using these apps is very simple.

  • Firstly, install any app from these two on your mobile device.
  • Now register with this app by providing your name and mobile number
  • Now you can simply add/upload all your crucial documents to these apps.

(The Process may slightly be different in the both apps)

Final Words:

Overall, what we were talking about this in this article is whether these apps are safe for your data or not? Now, I hope you have got all your answers regarding it.

These apps are very trusted and very much recommendable. These apps worth at least a single try from you. so just give them a try.

Thank You So Much For Reading This Article.

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