How To Check Driving License Status Online In Maharashtra 2022?

Driving License Tracking Online In Mahrashtra

Hello people! There can be plenty of reasons that one may need to check driving license status online or offline.

Sometimes, as human beings, we misplace our documents mistakenly. And in need of that documents, we always feel regret.

I don’t know about other documents. but talking about driving license, I have something for you in this article.

So please read it completely!

If you have misplaced your driving license or your RC(Registration Certificate), I have an extremely simple method by which you can see your driving license status online.

In this sense, I am going to show you the easy method of driving license tracking online in

But what if you don’t know anything about this?

Well, here I am to help you!

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Driving Licence Tracking or RC Tracking Status is nothing but a method of checking all of your personal and driving license details online.

Details like: Driving License Number, Date Of Issue, Address, Identity, Date Of Birth, Biometrics, Classes Of Vehicle, etc.

This information is always proved to be helpful. People always need their driving license or RC status details.

Like, if you are applying for any kind of INSURANCE or any kind of BANKING SERVICES, you will need your driving license and RC details.

So driving license tracking is helpful for you if you have misplaced your driving license and want its number, COV details, or date of issue, etc. for any other purpose.

How To Get A Driving Licence Tracking Status Online?

The method of driving license tracking online is exceedingly easy to do. Like, anyone can do this by sitting at his or her comfortable place.

Actually, there are two methods of getting a driving licence tracking status online.

Both are easy and we are going to talk about both methods.

How Do I Check My DL Status Online?

1. Open Parivahan.Gov.In And Click On DL/RC Status

Firstly, you have to visit the official transport website for this. Visit Parivahan.Gov.In from here.

check driving license status entering dl no and date of birth and verification code.

2. Enter Your Driving License Number

Once your open the site, you will be able to see the page that you can see in the image below.

A box will ask you to provide your Driving License Number. so simply do it as it asks.

3. Enter Your Date Of Birth

Again, the next box will ask you to provide your date of birth. so please enter it correctly.

Don’t worry at all. this is the official government site. so you can fully trust this site.

4. Solve The Captcha And Click On Check Status

After that, you will need to enter the captcha code in that empty box. And then finally click on the CHECK STATUS button.

check driving license status to see your full driving license details

If you are finding it a little bit confusing, please refer to the screenshots that I am sharing with you in this article.

5. Check Driving License Status

As soon as you click on the CHECK STATUS button, BINGO!!

check driving license status to see your full driving license details

you can clearly see your driving license information. so now you can take a printout of this page or also can save it as a PDF.

Now let’s just talk about the other method of parivahan driving licence status online.

Second Way Of How To Check DL Status Online

For this method, you just need an app. Yes, you’ve read it right. This app has been officially published and promoted by the Government of India.

I am talking about the mParivahan App.

In this wonderful app, you can easily log in by providing a mobile number and some other details. and then you can easily access your driving license and check driving license status.

There is another app that exists to get driving license tracking online.

Its name is DIGILOCKER.

check driving license status mparivahan app
check driving license status in digilocker app

You can download both these apps from the play store and the apps store.

Doest’ it sounds so easy?

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FAQ | Check Driving License Status Online In Maharashtra

Can I check my driver’s license status online?

Yes, you can check your drivers’ license status online. you just need to visit the official transport site. Access the Parivahan.Gov.In, then enter your driving license and date of birth, and then enter the captcha code. You will be able to see your check dl status online

What is the Difference Between Driving License Tracking Status And Driving Licence Application Status?

There is a very minor difference between these two terms. Driving license tracking status means that you are interested in your driving license information. and you want to see your details.

But on the other hand driving license application status means that you have applied for any service related to driving license in sarathi parivahan sewa, and want to know about that application online.

How can I check my driving Licence status in Pune?

1. Visit Parivahan.Gov.In.
2. Click On DL/RC Status.
3. Provide Your Driving License Number.
4. Provide Your Date Of Birth.
5. Click On Check Status.
6. Done!! You Will Be Able To See It.

How can I find my old driving Licence online?

1. Open Your Play Store/Apps Store In Your Phone.
2. Search For mParivahan App.
3. Download And Install The App.
4. Click On DL Button In the App.
5. Enter Your Details.
6. You Will Be Able To See Your Old Driving Licence Online.


So guys, in this simple and easy article, I share some impressive knowledge about how you can check driving license status online in Maharashtra or any other state. Yes, this process can be followed all around India.

So now, if you still have so many questions related to driving licence tracking status or driving license status online, feel free to ask in the comments section below this article.

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How To Check Driving License Status Online In Maharashtra?

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