How To Cancel Driving Licence Application In Sarathi 2021

Cancel Driving Licence Application In Sarathi | Hello there, Have you recently applied for a driving license or a learning license online or offline? but unfortunately, have you filled in the wrong information in your application by mistake?

Well, it happens sometimes. when we try to apply online for any service regarding driving license and learning license on the online portal, some things go in the wrong way.

Sometimes we put the wrong address or wrong Name. and sometimes we fill wrong Mobile Number or wrong Date of Birth.

Now, if someone will not give attention to these silly mistakes, in results his or her application might get rejected by Sarathi.

And trust me, it happens very often. and it is pretty frustrating.

Now, what is the solution for it? The solution is simple, you can easily cancel the application for driving license in sarathi.

Yes, you can do that by sitting at your comfortable place. you won’t need to go to the RTO for cancelling your application for a driving license.

By the way, to cancel driving licence application in Sarathi, you will need hardly 5 minutes. and obviously, you will need a laptop or mobile phone to do it.

So, do you want to know how the process is? just read this full article and know the process.

But before that,

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I Want To Cancel My Driving Licence Application: Here Is The Online Process

Things That Should Be Keep In Mind

Many people asked me on my Instagram, that they want to cancel the application for a driving license or any other services. but I always suggest to them that before doing anything with your application, you must remember some things.

Let’s just talk about that.

#1. Your Application Will Not Be Recovered

The application cancellation is a non-recoverable process and the application will be completely closed. once deleted, the application cannot be restored. All the data and documents will totally be null and void.

#2. You Have To Apply Again (If Needed)

If you wish to apply for the service that you have canceled, a fresh application will need to be submitted and all the procedures must be followed again.

#3. Your Slot Booking Will Be Canceled

If you have taken any slots (Appointments for driving or learning licenses) for the application number that you have deleted, the respective slots either for LL or DL also will be canceled.

#4. The Fees Is Not Refundable

And most importantly, if you have done any payment for your application number and canceled your driving license application, you will not be refunded.

Now if you have understood all the aspects before deleting the application for a driving license in Sarathi, let’s get to the procedure.

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How To Cancel Driving Licence Application In Sarathi

To cancel your driving license application in SARATHI PARIVAHAN SEWA, you will need your application number as well as your date of birth.

Because these are the only credentials that can let us log in to Sarathi’s website. so if you don’t know your application number, you can simply get it on your application acknowledgment.

Now, what in case if you do not have your application acknowledgment with you?

In this situation, what you can do is, simply pull out your phone from your pocket. I think you will definitely have it, don’t you?

Now check the SMS from VAAHAN. You must have received a message from this government portal at the time when you submitted your application on Sarathi.

Aaah… I think you got it.

Once you get your application number, we can start the process of canceling driving licence application in

Let me show in a step-by-step guide.


Here we go…

#1. Type Parivahan (

First of all, do one thing. open any browser and type parivahan or in the search box. we will go to sarathi via the Parivahan portal.

visiting to cancel driving licence application

You need to know that Sarathi is a part of Parivahan. Parivahan is a parent website.

Parivahan is run by MoRTH (Ministry Of Road Transport And Highways) and powered by the government of India.

So you can safely trust this site.

Click Here to access Parivahan.

#2. Click On The Driving License Services Option

On the homepage, you will see this section. do not click elsewhere. simply click on the Drivers License option. This option will appear in the License Related Services section.

license related services on sarathi parivahan cancel driving licence application

see the above image for help.


As soon as you click on the second button, you will be redirected to the portal. is it looking familiar to you, or not?

Now if you want to direct visit this site, you can do that too.

Click here to get direct access to the Sarathi.

#4. Selecting Your State

Now the landing page of Sarathi will open, it will ask you to select your state. so just select your state accordingly.

cancel driving licence application select your state
Provide The State For Cancellation Of Driving License Application

For example– I chose Maharashtra here.

Selecting the wrong state will be nothing but a waste of time. so be a time saver.

#5. Selecting Your City (Optional)

Now again on the same page, the online portal may ask you to select your RTO and City. if it’s asking, select your RTO accordingly.

If it’s not asking, simply move further.

#6. Homepage Of

Now you will see the main homepage of sarathi on your screen (mobile or desktop). this may look confusing to you, but do not worry, I am here to help you.

See at the center of the homepage, there are so many buttons showcasing various services that this site provides. but you don’t need to do anything with those buttons.

Just see, there is also a blue-colored menu bar on the page. did you notice?

Get a little help from the image below.

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#7. Click On The Cancel Application Option

Now from that menu, click on the second last option named ‘OTHERS’. as soon as you click on it, it will be dropped down and some more options will appear.

cancel driving licence application

Now you can see there is an option named “CANCEL APPLICATION”. you need to click on that.

#8. Enter Your Application Number And DOB

Do you remember we were talking about the application number a bit above this section? yes, you will need that number here.

cancel driving licence application enter the application number and dob
Entering The Application Details For Cancellation For Driving License Application

So enter the correct application number and your proper date of birth in their respective boxes. see the image for reference.

After entering it, do nothing else but click on the SUBMIT button.

#9. Your Application Cancellation

Now, as you click on the SUBMIT button, you will see the applicant’s details (your details).

Details like:

  • Application Number
  • Application Date
  • RTO Name
  • Your Name
  • Date Of Birth
  • Your Mother’s Name
cancel driving licence application application cancellation status

So confirm them.

#10. Your Requested Details

After that, you can see all your requested details on the page if you scroll the page. I mean you will see what was this application is submitted for.

Plus, you will also see your pending stages that needed to be done for getting a driving license or other.

stages will be like:

  • Application Form
  • Upload Documents
  • Fee Payment
  • Slot Booking
  • etc
cancel driving licence application requested services

Now simply click on the CANCEL APPLICATION button to cancel driving licence application.

#11. The Confirmation For Cancel Driving Licence Application

Now, a pop-up message will appear on your screen. read the message if you are not aware of the circumstance that will happen after you cancel driving licence application.

cancel driving licence confirmation
Proceed For Cancellation Of Driving Licence Application

Well, basically it is saying that you should be 100 percent sure that, “YES, I WANT TO CANCEL MY DRIVING LICENCE APPLICATION” before canceling the application because you will not be able to undo this process once done.

So now, you will simply click on the PROCEED TO CANCEL button.

#12. Enter OTP (One Time Password)

Now, check your mobile phone again. you must have received a one-time password. you will need to enter this OTP in the box. see the image.

cancel driving licence application entering otp
Entering The OTP For Cancellation Of Driving Licence Application

Now, why this OTP?

Because if canceling the application would be that easy without even putting an OTP, then anyone would cancel your driving license application with great ease.

So it is a necessary thing.

So now… next,

#13. The Final Confirmation For Cancel Driving License Application

Now again, you will see a confirmation message on your device’s screen. this is full and final. after this, you won’t be able to even see your application page again.

I want to cancel my driving licence: final confirmation
I Want To Cancel My Driving Licence: Final Confirmation

If you are sure, please click on the PROCEED FOR CANCEL button.

#14. Application Canceled Successfully !!

Now you will get this message on your screen. yes, you have successfully canceled your driving license application.

I want to cancel my driving licence process completed
I Want To Cancel My Driving Licence: Process Done!

Now, if you will enter your application number and date of birth to see your application status, you won’t be able to do so.

because you will have deleted it already.

These Are Helpful:

FAQs Section For Cancelling The Driving License Application

Is there any way to cancel driving license application after appearing in a learner’s test in India?

Once you appear in the learning license test, and if you get passed in it, it would not be a good idea to delete the driving license application.

but if you want, you can do it by following the steps provided in this article.

Is there any problem with not attending the driving test and deleting the application?

The problem will be with only one person, and that is you. The RTO does not care whether you want the license or not.

Not attending the driving test and deleting the application will consume your time and money.

Is it possible to cancel a Driving License application after the fee payment is done! If yes how?

Yes, it is possible. but keep this in mind once you pay the fees, and then you want to delete the application, you won’t be able to get your refund.

So think twice before canceling the application after paying the fees.

How To Online Cancel Driving Licence Application In Sarathi Parivahan?


I want to cancel my driving licence

So this was the process for deleting driving license application in sarathi. we have discussed all the aspects of for cancel driving licence application in sarathi.

Now you won’t ask “I want to cancel my driving licence, so what should I do?” because you know the process now.

We have also talked about the circumstances after deleting the driving license application in sarathi.

So, if you have suggestions also, you can comment down below this article. also just tell me what is your favorite part of this process.

Or, if you still have any doubts and questions regarding this topic, please feel free to contact me.

I will definitely try to help you.

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Finally, we would say…


How To Cancel Driving Licence Application In Sarathi 2021

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