What Are The Best RTO Driving Test Tips 2022?

The Best RTO Driving Test Tips To Pass Your Driving Exam

There are plenty of best RTO driving test tips to pass your driving skill test in India. but not having the full knowledge of driving tests in RTO leads us to failure.

Failing in the RTO exam is a so time-wasting as well as a money-wasting thing. so many people invest their effort in this process in order to get a driving license in India.

But what do they get? Failure. (If not having the correct knowledge)

So what is the solution for this? The solution is in front of your eyes 🙂


The Best Tips For Driving Test In RTO.

In this article, I am going to tell some crazy knowledge about the driving license test which conducted by the Regional Transport Office to give you a driving license.

So stick to this article till the end, and get the extremely helpful formula to pass your driving skill test in India.

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Best RTO Driving Test Tips In India

Before knowing the tips to pass your driving skill test, you have to understand that the RTO arranges two types of RTO exams in India.

I hope you knew about this. If not please read the following section a bit carefully.

Types Of RTO Exams In India

There are two types of RTO exams India

  1. Learning License Test
  2. Driving License Skill Test

Allow me to share some information about both of these terms.

What is Learning License Test?

The learning license test is the Online MCQ exam which is only conducted by the Regional Transport Office in order to give a learner’s license to the candidate. If you want to obtain a learning license, you must clear the learning license test in India.

What is the Driving License Skill Test?

The Driving License Skill Test is conducted by the RTO for the candidates who are willing to get a new driving license in India. In this driving license test, you have to drive a vehicle in front of the RTO officials without doing any mistakes.

If you do any mistake while driving the vehicle during the RTO test, you will fail the driving license test, and eventually not be eligible to have any driving license.

After you fail the driving license skill test, you have to try again and again till you pass the test. It is a little time and money-wasting process.

Now, I hope you understand well about these two exams in the RTO. So let’s talk about some other questions regarding the Best RTO Driving Test Tips.

Is RTO driving Test easy?

Yes the RTO test is easy. But it also depends on how much you are comfortable in driving a vehicle. If you think can you drive any vehicle effortlessly and comfortably, ultimately, you will be more confident in your RTO Driving Test!

If you feel that you still have to learn more about driving a vehicle before taking the test, it is obvious that you are not going to perform well in the Driving Test!

How Can I Pass My Driving Test The First Time?

Anyone can pass the driving license test in India, provided he or she has done sufficient practice of driving a vehicle. If you wish to pass the driving skill test in the first go, you must practice driving your vehicle at least 3 days before the exam date.

Now how will help you? Trust me, it will help you a lot.

Practicing will take your fear away and make you fearless, and fearlessness will make you more self-confident. Finally, self-confidence will lead you to victory.

What Are The Most Common Driving Test Faults?

  • Not Having The Correct Information Of The Vehicle.
  • Not Having The Correct Knowledge Of The Road Signs
  • Hesitation And Less Confindence.
  • Not Wearing The Helmet.
  • Not Wearing The Seat-Belt.
  • Now Watching The Road Ahead.
  • Less Use Of Rear View Mirror And Side View Mirrors
  • Not Using The Hand Signs.
  • Touching The Foot To The Ground.
  • Not Using Indicators.
  • Not Using Both The Hands On The Steering Wheel.
  • Driving Very Fast Or Very Slow.
  • Using The Handbrakes In A Wrong Way.

All these mistakes lead a person to fail the driving license test in RTO. so avoid doing these common faults, and you can pass the test.

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Know Some Best RTO Driving Test Tips To Easily Pass The Test.

Now let’s talk about the main topic of this article. And that is the BEST RTO DRIVING TEST TIPS.

Best Two Wheeler Driving Test Tips Of RTO India

If you are looking to pass your driving test for two-wheelers in India, see the following Best RTO Tips carefully. After reading this, you will never ask “how to pass 2 wheeler driving test?”

Here we go…

This Section Is For Best RTO Driving Test Tips For 2-Wheelers.

1. Practice Will Make Your Perfect:

Guys, you have to understand that either it is the RTO exam, or it is UPSC/Civil Service Exam, you have to study or practice more.

So as I mentioned above, before 3-4 days of the RTO Driving Test, just take your two-wheeler out of your garage/parking, and go for practice in the less busy ground.

Practice at least for 2 hours. That’s it.

2. Learn About The Road And Traffic Signs:

It is one of the most essential things to learn about the Road Safety Signs or the Traffic Symbols in order to pass your driving license test.

Knowing about the traffic signs will be really helpful to you during the RTO test. you don’t need to read the full encyclopedia about them. Just gain the basic knowledge about them.

Know basics of Mandatory Road Signs, Cautionary Road Signs, And Informatory Road Signs.

3. Timing Is Important:

Arriving early at the RTO on the exam date will be extremely important. Simply reach at 1 hour before the exam timing.

In this extra time, you can see other people giving the driving skill test. In this way, you can see other people’s mistakes and you will be able to identify which are the things that you should not do in the Driving license test in the RTO.

4. Use Easy Riding Bike:

Before reaching the RTO, make sure you are using a less difficult bike. During the driving license test, don’t use heavy bikes like ROYAL ENFIELD BULLET, OR BAJAJ AVENGER.

Instead use motorcycles such as HERO SPLENDOR, OR ACTIVA, ETC.

Heavy bikes may lead you to fail the exam.

4. Always Use Indicators:

While taking the RTO driving test, you must use CORRECT INDICATORS. If your indicators are not working, do not take this vehicle to the RTO.

If the RTO inspector sees that you have not used the Indicators while turning the vehicle, He has the full right to reject your application.

So always keep this in mind!!

5. Always Wear Helmets:

Well, I don’t need to tell you how important helmets are while driving a two-wheeler on the road. It is also very important to wear a helmet while taking the driving skill test in the RTO.

If you do not possess a helmet or forget to bring it to the examination ground in RTO, don’t be panicked. And simply borrow it from your fellow candidates.

I am sure the other candidate will help you.

6. Don’t Put Your Foot On The Ground:


Always remember, the RTO inspector sees everything. He carefully notices all the mistakes that every candidate do.

And if he sees that you put your foot on the ground to turn your vehicle right or left, he will not take even a moment further and mark your application as REJECTED.

So always keep your foot on the leg rest of your vehicle.

7. Always Drive On Track:

To successfully pass the driving license test in RTO, you must ensure that you are not going outside of the Driving Test Track.

It is not allowed to go outside of the track. The two-wheeler driving license test generally takes place in the 8-SHAPED TRACK. So try practicing in the 8 number pattern before the exam.

8. Interact With Other Candidates:

You have no idea how much it will help you interact with the other candidates that arrive for the driving test with you.

They can share their knowledge about the test. Ther must be a second timer or even a third timer among them. So try to exchange some words with them about the Dos And Don’ts of this RTO driving license test.

9. Keep Calm And Be Confident:

Here is a golden formula. If you want to pass not just your driving license test, but any other exam in your life, ALWAYS KEEP CALM AND BE CONFIDENT.

Before the 20 minutes of the exam, try some breathing exercises. It will definitely boost your Calmness and help you to Focus on your goal.

So these are the 9 RTO Driving Test Tips that I always believe in. And I would also recommend you to grasp these tips and pass your test in the RTO.

Yet these tips were just for the Two-Wheelers drivers. If you want to know about the four-wheeler driving skill test tips, please jump to the below section of this article.

How To Take 8 In Two Wheeler Driving Test?

It is a very simple track to ride on! A person needs to enter his vehicle from one of the ends of the 8 track and get out from the other end of the 8 track. While driving on this track, you are not allowed to touch the borderline as well as touch your foot to the ground.

Also, you need to use the indicators while turning the vehicle on the 8 track. And, always drive your two-wheeler in second gear on the 8 track.

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The Best RTO Driving Test Tips To Pass The RTO Exam

Now let’s talk about the FOUR WHEELERS DRIVING TEST.

Best Four Wheeler Driving Test Tips Of RTO India

If you are looking to pass your RTO driving test for four-wheelers in India, see the following Best RTO Tips carefully.

This Section Is For Best RTO Driving Test Tips For 4-Wheelers.

1. Carry All Your Documents:

You know, when you reach your RTO for Driving License Test, it is very crucial to have all your documents.


Now you must be wondering, why all these documents are required? Well, RTO officials will need all these documents to confirm you as a rightful and recorded candidate for the particular driving skill test.

Plus the inspector is also known to give you the remarks on your application form. So don’t forget to carry all your documents in the RTO.

2. Wear Seatbelts:

I guess it is not necessary at all talking about this. We all know seatbelts are the most important thing to do while driving any kind of four-wheeler vehicle.

Likewise, it’s also very important to wear seatbelts at the time when you take your driving license test in RTO.

You can say that wearing seatbelts always give you some extra points in the exam results: )

3. Keep Looking Ahead On The Road:

Guys, when an RTO official sees how you drive the vehicle, he carefully observes where your eyes are. If he notices that you are busy looking at the unnecessary things like your Clutch Pedals, Brakes, Gear, etc. He will not think twice before giving FAIL remark on your application.

Because looking ahead on the road always gives you the best chances of not meeting with the hazardous.

Having said that, while driving you should always keep your eyes on the back and side of your vehicle with the help of the mirrors. It takes us to our next point.

4. Mirrors Are Vital:

Always remember that when you turn your vehicle you must see the side road in the side mirrors. Be it the right turn or be it the left turn, mirrors should always be used.

Likewise, while driving the vehicle, you always need to take the help of the rearview mirror. Because when we stop the vehicle all of a sudden, it increases the risk of a vehicle colliding from behind.

So to prevent this kind of circumstances, rearview mirrors help us.

5. Reverse The Vehicle Correctly:

Now let me ask you a question! If a person needs to reverse his vehicle, where should he see it while reversing?

Did you say “at the back of the vehicle”? Hurray! YOU ARE 100% CORRECT.

Now again a Question! From where should he look back?

“From Rear-View Mirror”? Unfortunately, this time you are wrong.

Always keep this mind that while reversing, don’t ever look in the rearview mirror as it does show you the perfect vision of the vehicle’s back.

Instead, you must use the ‘REAR WINDSHIELD’. Yes, the RTO officer will carefully check it if you reverse the vehicle in front of him.

So, be a bit careful while reversing the vehicle.

6. Hands Should Always Be On The Steering:

Guys, this is a very essential thing to do while driving. The RTO examiner closely notices the candidate if he has put both hands on the steering wheel or not. If he finds, you are only using a single hand, it might be trouble.

Also, the positions of hands are very important to know. Both of your hands should be in the 3 and 9 o’clock positions.

In this way, it will be easy for you to handle the vehicle, and it will be also a plus point the pass the driving license skill test in the RTO.

7. Practice Will Lead You To The Victory!

I have already said this earlier in this article, that only practice can help you to pass the driven license test in RTO. This is the thing that you do not miss at all.

Before the exam, Just practice for at least 3 days, religiously. And I promise you will not fail the exam at any cost.

What you need to do is just find an empty ground or a less busy road in your neighborhood. (A School ground will be great.) And take your car to that ground or the road. Now, PRACTICE, PRACTICE, And PRACTICE!

Drive your car in all the directions, use the mirrors, take left turns, take right turns, practice the reverse parking, etc.

Do this for 3-4 days, and trust me you will be mastered at passing the driving license skill test in RTO. Because there is no best RTO driving test tips without the practice.

I really hope you understand all the points carefully.


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Now let’s solve some questions!


frequently asked questions about rto driving license test tips
These FAQs Are Taken From Web For Best RTO Driving Test Tips To Pass The Test.

What Are The RTO Driving Test Track Dimensions?

1) For 4 Wheelers
Approx. Track Length: 30-40 Meters.
Approx. Track Width: 8-9 Feet.

2) For 2 Wheelers
Approx. Track Length: 25-30 Meters.
Approx. Track Width: 4-5 Feet.

How Many Attempts Are Allowed For Driving Test In India?

There are only 3 chances to clear your driving test in India. After the three continuous failed attempts, your application gets null and void completely from offline and online portals. But you can apply for a fresh application again.

After Getting Pass In DL Test Can I Take My Driving License From RTO?

No, you can’t. Once you pass your driving license test in the RTO, then you have to wait at least 7-15 business days. During this time, your application will be made in the RTO. Its Printing process will get started. Then after this, your brand new license will be dispatched, and ultimately, it will be delivered to your address by post.

I Want To Check Progress Of My Driving License, How Should I Do It?

Well, it’s very simple. You will just need to see your application status. apply the following steps.

1) Open Sarathi.Gov.In
2) Choose Your State.
3) Click On Application Status.
4) Enter Your Application Number And Date Of Birth.
5) Solve The CAPTCHA CODE And Click On The Submit Button.
6) Now See Your Application Status.

Here on your application status page, you will be able to see your progress of driving license very easily.

How Many Driving Licence Tests Are Conducted Each Day?

There are hundreds of driving licence tests are conducted by the RTO each day. Sometimes the number goes in THOUSANDS!

Having said that, The COVID-19 situation has surely reduced the daily count of driving license tests. But it’s been improving as the covid situations are getting better.

Conclusion: The Best Tips For Driving Test In RTO.

Conclusion For Best RTO driving test tips in india
Final Words Of Best RTO Driving Test Tips.

In this article, I really tried talk about the nearly all the best RTO driving test tips that are definitely going to help you pass your RTO exam.

We have included all the major factors in the best driving licence tips in RTO such as, driving test tips for two wheelers, driving test tips for four wheelers.

Plus we also discussed types of driving test that RTO conduct.

I really hope you liked this article. If yes, then give a further thought, and please share this article to your friends and family.

Because it will help them too, and they will also know that there some crazy and best RTO driving test tips exists somewhere : )

Now, if you still feel that I have missed some questions in this article, please do not hesitate to ask me in the comment section below. Or you can contact me also.

Here are social handles.

I would love to talk to you!



What Are The Best RTO Driving Test Tips 2022?

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