How To Apply Online For Driving License | Online Driving License 2021

Driving License Online | Hello Folks! Getting a new driver’s license in India is not a very big deal. Especially in 2021. You can easily apply online for driving license in India by sitting at your home.

You will just need a Laptop or a PC. or even you can use your mobile phone for it.

But before getting a driving license, you need to solve some basic questions regarding the online driving license in India.

I am sure that you must have some questions related to the driving license, right?

Questions such as,

fair age for driving license?, what are the rules for getting a driving license?, and many more.

So give your few moments and read this article, after that, I promise you will have all your questions solved. you will get all the information about how you can apply for driving licence online.

Here we go…

How To Apply Online For Driving License – Full Guide

What is Driving License?

A driving license is a kind of Smart Card containing your basic details such as your name, and address and a Special Generated Number that we call a DL Number.

But the most important thing that we should understand is, this smart card is valid proof that one can drive any vehicle on the very roads of India.

You can say that the driving license is permission from the Government that you are allowed to drive any vehicle you want on the roads.

If you hold any type of driving licence in India, basically it means that you are following the Motor Vehicle Rules 1989.

What Kind Of Information Is Available On Driving License In India?

On the Indian driving license you can see below details,

  • You Name
  • Your Address
  • Your Pin Code
  • Your Date Of Birth
  • Your Photo
  • Your Signature
  • A Microprocessor Chip
  • The Classes Of Your Vehicles
  • The Date Of Issue Of The License
  • The Date Of Expiry Of The License
  • The Driving License Number
  • The Issuing Authority
  • etc…

How Can I Apply Online For Driving License In Sarathi?

To Apply For Driving License in Sarathi, you will need a phone or a desktop so that you can do it at your comfortable place.

But before that, you need to understand that,

There is total of three stages for applying for driving licence in India online.

#1. Fill And Application Form

#2. Pay The Fees For DL

#3. Book An Appointment For Driving Licence

so let me show you the step-by-step guide for it. read carefully.

#1. Filling An Online Application For Driving Licence In India

To apply online for driving license, you will need to fill an online application first. follow the below steps in order to fill and submit the application for DL online.

  1. Open Sarathi’s Site
  2. Select Your State
  3. Click On The Apply Driving License Button From The Homepage
  4. Read the instruction, and click on the CONTINUE button.
  5. Enter Your Learner Licence Number And Your Date Of Birth. And Just Click On The OK Button.
  6. Now Recheck Your Personal Details And Your LL Details on your application
  7. Select Your Class Of Vehicle And then click on the CONFIRM button.
  8. Check your acknowledgment and take a printout.
  9. Process Completed!!!

This is for you: How To Fill Online Application For Driving Licence (With Screenshots).

Check Out This Infographic Below:

apply online for driving license in india


#2. Paying The Fees For Online Driving License

To apply online for driving license, you will need to complete this second stage. Follow the below steps to pay your legit fees for DL online

  1. Open Sarathi’ Site
  2. Choose the state.
  3. from the homepage, click on the FEE PAYMENTS button.
  4. Fill in your application number as well as your date of birth in the boxes.
  5. Now click on the CALCULATE FEES button next to boxes.
  6. You will see your real fees for DL in the table.
  7. select the bank/gateway and then enter the correct CAPTCHA Code.
  8. Then click on the PAY NOW button.
  9. After That, read the transaction details and click on the PROCEED TO PAYMENT button.
  10. pay the fees by entering your payment details.
  11. Do not forget to take a printout of your payment receipt.
  12. Process completed!!!

This is for you: How You Can Pay Your DL Fees Online (With Screenshots).

Check Out This Infographic Below:

pay the fees of driving license in india


#3. Booking An Appointment For Driving License Online

To complete the process of apply online for driving license, you will need to finish the final step. Follow these below steps to book slots for driving licence test.

  1. Open Sarathi’s Site
  2. Now select the State
  3. from the homepage, click on the APPOINTMENTS button
  4. Now Select Application Number Option
  5. Now fill in your application number as well as your date of birth in the boxes.
  6. Now enter the correct verification code.
  7. Confirm all the data, and tick on the COV option.
  8. Click On The Proceed To Book Button
  9. Now select the date and time according to you for the DL Test.
  10. Now fill up the security code that you must have received on your mobile number.
  11. After That, Click On The Confirm To Slot Book Button
  12. do not forget to take a printout of your Slot Booking Receipt.
  13. Process Completed!!!

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Check Out This Infographic Below:

appointment for driving licence in india

Now let’s dive more deep into the driving license…

The Fee Structure For Driving Licence In India

Well, this fee structure may vary state by state. this is an estimated amount for all the DL(s) in India.

Sr. No.Types Of Driving LicensesFee Amount
1.Permanent Driving Licence200 /-
2.Learner’s Driving Licence200 /-
3.Renewal Of Driving License200 /-
4.International Driving License1100 /-
5.Driving Licence RTO Exam300 /-
6.Learning License Renewal200 /-
7.Issue Of Renewal Driving Licence For Driving School10000 /-
8.Issue Of Duplicate Driving License For Driving School5000 /-

The Table For Fees Of All The Driving Licence In India

Documents Required For Online Driving License

Well, if you are applying this method for online DL apply, you will not need any documents to upload on Sarathi’s site. Yes, online, you will not need any documents for driving licence.

Instead, you will have to submit your documents for the RTO itself. I mean, after you do this online process, simply go to your RTO, and just submit all your documents along with the online application of driving licence..

So, in order to get a driving license in India, you must submit the self-attested copies of these below documents.

  • Age Proof
  • Address Proof
  • Additional Documents

Age Proof:

For your age proof you can upload any of these documents. (ANY ONE)

  1. SSLC (Secondary School Leaving Certificate)
  2. School/Educational/Transfer Certificate
  3. Passport
  4. Birth Certificate Issued By Municipality
  5. Payslip By Central/State Government/Local Body
  6. Voter ID
  7. LIC Policy Statement
  8. Photo ID Card Issued By Central/State Government
  9. Affidavit By Notary/Oath Commissioner

Address Proof:

For your address proof you can upload any one of this documents.

  1. Passport
  2. Voter Id
  3. Affidavit By Notary/Oath Commissioner
  4. Electricity Bill
  5. LIC Policy Statement
  6. BSNL/MTNL Landline Bill

Additional Documents:

  • 4 Passport Size Photos
  • Online Driving License Application (Form 4)
  • Learning License (Original)
  • Self Declaration Form (Form 1)
  • Medical Certificate (Form 1)

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What Are The Driving Licence Categories In India?

These are the four categories of driving licence in India. Or you can say four types of driving license.

types of driving license in india
Types Of Driving License In India

Talking about the obtaining a driving license in India, it depends on vehicle category also.

For example, if you are having a Bulldozer for your fieldwork, and on the other hand, you have a 50 CC Moped/Luna Motorcycle also.

In this situation, you need to apply license online for two categories. As we say, it depends on the very classes of vehicles.

You may have heard of Conductor License, Bus Driver License, Commercial Vehicle License. Basically, it all belongs to one of the categories of vehicles.

You need to keep in mind that the driving license categories, and vehicle class categories are slightly different from each other.

Now we would say here, the parent categories of driving licenses are only four: Learning, Permanent, Commercial, and International.

Let’s know more better about them…

#1. Learner’s Driving License:

The Learner’s License or Learning License is issued to someone by the Government only when he or she is learning to drive any vehicle.

Whether it is a Without-Gear Motor Cycle, or a Seven Seater Sedan, if you are learning to drive that vehicle, you must carry a Learning License with you while driving it on the roads.

The Learning License validity period is about to six months. (Depends On The Different States).

See This:

#2. Permanent Driving License:

The Permanent License is issued to someone by the government only when he or she can drive any vehicle properly without violating the laws.

The eligibility for getting a permanent license in India is majorly dependent on your Age. You can get a permanent driving license only if you are 18.

Plus you have to pass the Driving License Test conducted by the Regional Transport Office (RTO) in order get a driving license.

If you can drive a vehicle perfectly and according to the laws, you can have a permanent driving license without any doubt.

The permanent driving license lasts for 15-20 years. It varies on different-different states.

See This:

#3. Commercial Driving License:

This type of driving license is issued to only those persons who are having a heavy commercial vehicle that can carry a huge amount of goods and travel.

The eligibility for this license can only be decided by the RTO of that particular state. If you met with the Motor Vehicle Rules, you can obtain this license.

This is the license that can’t be obtained by anyone easily. There are many rules and regulations to get a commercial driving license in India.

Firstly, your health is carefully checked by the authority before providing you this driving license. Plus you must complete your education till the 8th standard for obtaining a commercial license.

By the way, the age factor for this license are different in various states in India.

#4. International Driving License:

Basically the international driving license is obtained only to run a vehicle in any other foreign country.

It means, if you wish to drive any vehicle in any other country that you don’t belong, you can simply do that by obtaining an international driving license.

Before applying for an international driving permit you must have a permanent driving license in India.

The validity period of this license lasts for 1 year. once this license expires, you have to apply for an international driving license again.

So these was the total of of four driving license categories in India.

How To Renew Driving Licence Online?

How To Apply Online For Driving License Renewal?

If you do not know how to renew driving license online, this section is only for you. Yes, you can renew your driving license online, too. you just have to follow some stages.

The stages such as:

  • Fill The Online Driving License Renewal Application
  • Upload The Documents For Online Driving License Renewal
  • Pay The Fees Driving Licence Renewal
  • Book Appointment For Driving Licence Renewal

#1. Filling The Online Application For Renewal

In order to renew driver’s license online, follow these steps

  • Open Parivahan.
  • Click On DL Related Services.
  • Select Your State.
  • Redirect On Sarathi.
  • Click On DL Services.
  • Read The Instructions And Click On CONTINUE.
  • Enter Your Driving Licence Details.
  • Confirm All The Details, And Select All The Correct Options.
  • Enter Your Mobile Number, Anc Click On Confirm Button.
  • Select the RENEWAL OF DL option, click on the Proceed Button.
  • Provide Emergency Mobile Number And Click Submit Button.
  • Finally, Take a Printout of The Acknowledgement.

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#2. Uploading The Documents For Online Driving License Renewal

In order to upload your documents for license renewal, you have to follow the below steps.

  • Open Parivahan.
  • Click On DL Related Services.
  • Select Your State.
  • Redirect On Sarathi.
  • Click On Upload Documents.
  • Confirm All Your DL Details, And Click On Continue
  • Click On Upload, And Select The Document Form Your Device
  • Click On Confirm.
  • Upload All The Documents, Likewise.

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#3. Pay The Fees For Online Driving License Renewal

In order to pay your fees online for DL renewal, follow these steps carefully.

  • Open Parivahan.
  • Click On DL Related Services.
  • Select Your State.
  • Redirect On Sarathi.
  • Click On Fee Payments.
  • Confirm Your Driving Licence Details.
  • See Your Legit Fees.
  • Select Your Payment Gateway, And Slove The Captcha.
  • Read The Terma And Conditions, And Click On The Proceed To Payment Button.
  • Pay The Fees Carefully.
  • Once Done, Take A Printout Of Your Payment Slip Of Licence Renewal.

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Required Documents For Driving License Renewal Online

Now, I think you know, how you can apply online for driving license. So, after submitting the renewal of the driving license online form, you will need to upload the required document. so what are the documents that you will need?

Here are they:

  • Copy Of Your Driving License
  • Form 1 (Self Declaration)
  • Form 1A (Medical Certificate)

Apply Online For Driving License (International Driving License)

get international driving license in India

How To Get An International Driving Permit In India?

To International Driving Permit, you can apply both online and offline methods. talking about the offline method, follow these steps.

  • Visit Your City’s RTO
  • Take A Form 4A (Application For IDP)
  • Fill Up The Form Without Any Mistake
  • Attach All The Self Attested Copies Of Your Documents To The Application
  • Submit The Form To The Officials In RTO
  • Now, Pay Your Fees (1000-1100 Rupees) On One Of The Window In RTO
  • Now Wait For Maximum 1 Week
  • After That, You Will Receive Your IDP At Your Doorstep

Documents Required For International Driving License In India

In order to get an international driving license online, you will need the documents such as:

  • Form 4A
  • Form 1A – Medical Certificate
  • Your Permanent Driving License- Copy
  • Your Address Proof- Copy
  • Proof Of Your Indian Citizenship
  • Proper Visa
  • Your Flight Ticket
  • Your Passport
  • Adhaar Card (Optional)
  • Pan Card (Optional)
  • 5-10 Passport Size Photos

These are the documents needed for international driving permit in India.

The FAQs For Apply Online For Driving License

FAQ for apply online for driving license

Can I Get an Online Driving Licence At 17 In India?

In India, you can obtain a driving license only if you are eighteen or eighteen plus. At the age of seventeen you can apply for a learning license only. and that too only for Non-Gear Motor Vehicles.

According to the MV Rules, if you are 18+ you can drive any vehicle that features Gear-Box. Motorcycles such as Hero Splendor, Honda CB Shine, Bajaj Avenger, Royal Enfield are a few of those vehicles that you can drive.

At the age of 17, You can only drive ‘Non-Gear Motor Cycles’ such as Suzuki Access 125, Honda Activa, Sooty Pep+, and others. And to drive these vehicles on any road in India, you need to apply for a learning license online or offline.

So unfortunately, you can’t get the permanent driving license at 17 in India.

How Can I Apply For DL Offline?

To apply for a driving license offline, you need to visit your nearest RTO (Regional Transport Office). After that just grab an application form for a driving license from there.

Now fill-up the form properly with your Name, Address, Mobile Number, Blood Group, Qualification, etc.

Now attach the copies of your proper documents along with the application form for the driving license. Documents like Age Proof, Address Proof, Aadhar Card, School Leaving Certificate, etc.

Now submit this application form to the RTO officials.

After that go to the correct guided window in the RTO and Pay your proper fees for your driving license. The fees may fluctuate in different states.

After that make an appointment for the driving license test according to your time schedule. Carry all the papers carefully with you.

Now, wait for your appointment date. On the appointment date, again visit the RTO, give a simple driving license test there.

Once you will pass the test, you will receive your valid driving license at your doorstep in a few business days.

If you are not able to receive your license, you will need to visit your post office and pick up your courier from there.

So this was the process for applying for driving license offline.

Also, you can hire an RTO agent for this work, but those RTO agents will charge you a huge for this. It’s better you do your work on your own and save some bucks.

By the way, we would suggest you apply for driving license online. it is an easier and money-saving process.

How Many Days It Will Take To Get Licence After Test?

Well after the driving license test you will have to wait at least 7 business days for getting a driving license at your doorstep. This time span can be extended for more than 7 days if required.

But the estimated time for getting a driving license by courier is 7 business days. And this is only for Maharashtra state. This time may vary in different-different states in India.

But basically, you will need to wait at least a week for getting your new driving license after passing the driving license test.

Who Issues The Online Driving Licence In India?

The driving license in India is issued by the Regional Transport Authority (RTA) or Regional Transport Office (RTO) in various states of India.

The MoRTH (Ministry Of Road Transport And Highways) takes care of the rules and regulations that have enforced in the country according to the Motor Vehicle Act.

What Should Be The Age To Obtain a Driving Licence?

As we have mentioned above, to apply for driving licence online You have to be 18 or over 18. These are the rules of the government of India.

If you wish to get a driving license for any Motor Cycle Without Gear (Non-Transport), you have to be 16 or over 16. But for this, you will get a learning driving license.

If you wish to get a driving license for any Motor Cycle With Gear (Non-Transport), you have to be 18 or over 18. If you are, you can easily get a new driving license in India.

If you wish to get a driving license for any Four Wheeler Commercial Vehicle (Non-Transport, and Transport Both), you have to be 18+. Plus you should have completed your education till at least 8th standard.

Can I Take My Driving Licence Anywhere In India?

Well, you can take your driving license anywhere in India, but the condition is that you should not be misusing your driving license in India.

Do not share your driving license with another person who is not holding any license to drive a vehicle on the roads of India.

If you are genuinely and correctly (According To The Law) using your driving license anywhere around India, you are totally allowed to do that.

For example: If you travel to any other city away from your hometown. after reaching that place, suppose you have to travel by bike by riding on your own.

so in this situation with the help of your existing driving license, you can easily drive that particular vehicle in that city without any fear of infringing the regulations.

What Is The Cost Of Driving Licence Online In India?

Well, for issuing a new driving licence in India, you will be charged– 200 /- rupees only (For Motor Cycle With Gear). but these are the fees only for the application for a driving license.

You have to pay the driving license test fees also which is– 300 /- rupees only (For Motor Cycle With Gear).

You need to pay more fees further to completely obtain the driving license in your hand. If you ask what is the total amount of driving license fees, it is– 766 /- rupees Only.

Pay your driving license fees online: Click Here

Well this amount is for Maharashtra. The fee amount may be different from various states in India.

Can I Have 2 Driving Licenses India?

The answer to this question is a little tricky. because some legal advisers think that you cannot carry multiple driving licenses with you, and on the other hand, there are also some legal advisors who say you can do that.

Some say it is illegal to carry more than one driving license with you. If you found having them, you can be fined hugely by traffic officials.

And some say, it is not illegal to have multiple driving licenses with you, but it will be only provided to you if your requirement will be met with MV Laws.

You can have multiple driving licenses in only some rare and special circumstances, provided you are not misusing those licenses in any illegal activities.

Is Learning Licence Compulsory In India?

Obtaining a learning license before the driving license is as compulsory as putting ‘Cheese On The Pizza’ ; ) aren’t we right?

As we say, you can drive any vehicle you want in each and every state of India, provided you are having a dedicated driving license for that vehicle.

But according to the Motor Vehicle Rules 1988, you must carry a learning license before getting a new driving license in India online.

This means that you have to apply for a learning license first then you can apply for a driving license for any vehicle in India.

Now we hope you got all the points. Finally let’s go to our conclusion.


conclusion for apply online for driving license in india

So, in this article, we have covered so many Important questions regarding driving license in India. we have discussed the correct age for driving license, categories of driving license, the process of getting a driver’s license in India.

Plus, I have shared the process of how to apply online for driving license renewal. and documents for renewal online. we hope your all the question related to driver’s license is been solved by this reading this full article.

If not, please do not hesitate to contact us. we would definitely try to include that query in the article.

Now it’s time for your feedback about this article. the comment box below is 24 hours open. Please do comment on your favorite part of this article.

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